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Film: "Loose Change 2" showing at Oxford Brookes University

22-03-2006 10:10

New film about 9/11 showing at Brookes Uni, plus talk by ex-MI5 whistleblowers David Shayler and Annie Machon

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40,000+ Students protest in Paris + More: Tues 21 March CPE Roundup

22-03-2006 09:41

Tuesday March 21st: summary of the days events from libcom below.

This thursday is also another student day of action ahead of next week's general strike.

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A Message to the Citizens of the World, from Dr. Doug Rokke

22-03-2006 06:48

Depleted Uranium assessment
A message to the citizens of the world and especially the politicians, scientists and physicians involved in the debates about uranium weapons from Dr. Doug Rokke, former Director, United States Army Depleted Uranium project, former United States Army Gulf War 1 Depleted Uranium assessment and recovery team health physicist, and confirmed DU casualty.

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Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story

22-03-2006 01:55

A story not getting much media coverage.

Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

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The Public Speaks for Itself

22-03-2006 01:52

We are ONE.
There will be ‘hell to pay’ and hopefully an entertaining spectacle when the ICC becomes a real people’s court and those in the dock will prove that the people of the WORLD cannot be abused or deceived for long.

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French Government Responds to Virtual Sit-In

22-03-2006 01:27

The virtual sit-in in solidarity with French students, youth and workers opposed to the CPE has effectively taken the street protests through the walls of the French government buildings and deep into the operations of the French government itself. This morning, an email containing this text was mailed to Sysadmins at the b.a.n.g. lab at UCSD, where the borderlands Hacklab is hosted...

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22-03-2006 01:19

How the media sold the lie of genocide in the balkans war.

The real target of Western 'intelligence' was not Iraq, but the British and American public - the goal was to frighten and deceive us to support a war fought for elite interests. It was to persuade us to send our troops to kill and die for profits. It was to persuade us to ignore clear warnings that, in all likelihood, we would be subject to terrorist reprisals. Such risks were clearly deemed a small price to pay for the prize that mattered - control of Iraqi oil and enhanced influence in the region and beyond.

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High Street to G8

22-03-2006 00:20

From The High Street to G8 including our favourite celebrity 'protesters'.

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Legal grounds against Crossrail promoters - 1st summary

21-03-2006 23:03

As the battle against the gentrification of parts of the East End of London goes on, the main cosy establishment of 'civil liberty' 'human rights' professionals are taking it easy. There is no evidence that they are concerned about the destruction of communities that the Blair regime is carrying out across the inner cities. The Khoodeelaar! Campaign has today published the first of a series of legal action gerund which will be used to mount the campaign in courts. This is in the context of the absence of any evidence that any of the so-called opposition prayers seeking election to Tower Hamkest Council is going to make any difference at all. The people will have to defend the community from the Crssrail-hole-Tower Hamlets Coucnil attacks

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Worldwide Wars and Anti-Military Options in the 21st Century

21-03-2006 22:21

The wars at the beginning of the 21st century are marked by US unilateralism, distribution battles over dwindling resources, the growing gulf between poor and rich and the new role of Islam in this connection.. Offensive wars do not appear winnable today.

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In the Crosshairs of Preventive War

21-03-2006 22:14

March 2006 Update of Bush Pre-emptive War National Security Strategy Targets Iran:
An Interview with Preventive Warriors director Michael Burns

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Belated Pictures of London March 18th Demonstration

21-03-2006 22:09

Pictures from Saturday, March 18th 2006, the big Stop The War demonstration, which marked the third anniversary of the second Iraq War, and was also part of a global day of protest, including anti war demos in Iraq itself.

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21-03-2006 21:58

A review of news & opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! World Peace!

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Join the march of Gate Gourmet Locked Out Workers

21-03-2006 21:43

Gate Gourmet Locked Out Workers will march through Hounslow on Saturday March 25th.

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[network23-news] Rat Fans! Increase pigme size by coming in your EARia...

21-03-2006 21:34

this is some news from the european free party underground - it contains info about a call to move your ass to strasbourg on the 14th of april. This is the European's scene's reaction to the Police violence at 2005 Czechtek. ie. a Fat street party

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Dublin Stop War March

21-03-2006 20:59

On the day after half a million people attended the St. Patricks Day parade, a couple of thousand more took to the streets of Dublin as part of a global day of protest against George W. Bush and the U.S. ruling elite’s campaign of world dominance and terror.

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Brilliant Activists Taking it to Congressional Official's Door Steps

21-03-2006 19:47

This past weekend saw demonstrations all around the world with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to protest the third anniversary of the War in Iraq. But something new is happening.

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Cops Get Tough On Cuddly Toys

21-03-2006 19:34

Police look more ridiculous by the day as they try and control actions by the animal rights movement in the UK

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Demonstration about treatment of asylum seekers in Leeds

21-03-2006 18:23

On Friday 3rd March a samba band and protesters joined Leeds No Borders to demonstrate outside Waterside Reporting Centre on Kirkstall Road.

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Autonomous Playground: An autonomous space during the 4th ESF 4-7 in Athens

21-03-2006 18:09

Invitation for participation to the autonomous space "Autonomous playground in Athens during the 4th European Social Forum 4-7 May