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Students' movement in Greece

27-05-2006 21:45

Thursday 16/5 Athens
The last 3 weeks there quite some unrest in Greek universities. At the moment more than 180 university departments are occupied by the student. On Thursday there was a large protest march of students in the center of Athens. The document that follows is the statement of the plenary meeting of the students' assemblies.

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Refugee Week Event @ the Rio Cinema in Dalston.

27-05-2006 20:24

Hackney Refugee and Migrant Support Group is proud to present a Double Bill for Refugee Week.

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27-05-2006 20:15


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A legal protest in Parliament square.

27-05-2006 16:51

"We are hereby licenced to protest against protest licencing"
On Thursday May 25th a legal demo took place when Superintendent Peter Terry of Charing cross nick licensed Mark Thomas to hold a protest in Parliament square against the licensing of protests in parliament square.

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Call it "Jewish", not "Israel" Lobby: Chomsky's complicity through silence

27-05-2006 16:26

The paper titled "The Israel Lobby and U.S.
Foreign Policy" by professors John Mearsheimer
Stephen Walt has pushed the topic of the "Israel
lobby" and its influence over US foreign policy
into a more prominent spotlight.

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climate camp summer fair

27-05-2006 16:24

this monday-bank holiday! summer fair on chorlton green

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27-05-2006 15:59

Between the 21st June 2006 and 4th July 2006 a brave few will eschew all media consumption in an effort to give their eyes and ears a break from the relentless jabbering of the mass media.

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A 'plod' supports Brian Haw !

27-05-2006 15:28

A letter in The Independent from I think a serving police officer who says she supports Brian against the Met....!

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celebrating two years this weekend

27-05-2006 10:49

this weeked is being celebrated as marking two years of existance for the rampART social centre in London.

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an essay about how we don't talk to each other

27-05-2006 09:23

the dog whistle, the timid lefties, and the social swamp
At one end of the geography of the social discourse we have 'the mires of the concerned and conflicted humanist' And on the southern approaches are 'the fens of the rabid and vindictive.'
Whilst in the middle are the broad lowlands that are the social swamp.

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Security Risk? Critical Mass visits Brian Haw

27-05-2006 08:55

Critical Mass Assembles
Critical Mass cyclists in London visited Brian Haw in Parliament Square on Friday 26 May, 2006, following the trashing of his display and severe restrictions placed on his protest by police earlier in the week.

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BP Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline

27-05-2006 08:46

Protestors demonstrated and handed out leaflets outside BP's St James Square London HQ to mark the departure of the first tanker from the Ceyhan terminal on Friday, May 26, 2006.

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Torture UN/OPCAT: 20 ratifications!!

27-05-2006 01:10

Parklea Prison NSW
The National Children's and Youth Law Centre, together with Justice Action, are leading a campaign for acknowledgement of the mistreatment of Corey Brough, in the NSW prison system, and further, for systemic reform.

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Terrorist comics???!!!

26-05-2006 23:02

Big Brother is reading comics...
Well, Big Brother is not only watching us but also reading comics...

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4 Essential Ways To Save The Earth : Part 1

26-05-2006 22:06

The Earth is losing its battle against humans - animal and plant species are being wiped out daily, entire habitats are shrinking and changing, in ways we cannot predict, and the means to sustain even ourselves over the long term are becoming increasingly fragile. We know we have to act now, but what should we do and how are we going to do it?

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Date set for photographer 'obstruction' trial for snapping armed police

26-05-2006 20:31

On Saturday 18th March, photographer and Indymedia contributor Alan Lodge - or Tash - was arrested after taking photos of armed police in public. Tash continued to deny the charge of wilfully obstructing a police officer at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 23rd May. A trial date has now been set for the 17th October

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No Borders - freedom of movement for all

26-05-2006 20:25

Picket of Solihull Immigration Services