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A 'plod' supports Brian Haw !

pirate | 27.05.2006 15:28 | SOCPA | Culture | Repression | Social Struggles | London | South Coast

A letter in The Independent from I think a serving police officer who says she supports Brian against the Met....!

The Inde. May 26th...

Desparate attack on Brian Haw.

As a police officer with over 16 years service I am horrified at the actions of the Metropolitan Police in relation to the veteran peace protestor Brian Haw.
It is a measure of the two Balir's absolute desperation to "hang on" that they choose to attack a solitary, slightly ecentric but totally harmless individual.
It is also a clear demonstration that neither of them, to quote favorite Blairite jargon is "fit for purpose", for surely they realise none of us wouild even have heard of dear old Brian without their violent and unacceptable interventions.
I have written to the Commissioner and lodged a formal complaint. I ask that every like minded person does the same in the hope that the police will be far too busy coping with their complex and bureaucratic complaints system to bother Brian any further.

Bev Kenward, Hythe, Kent.

I recall she also wrote a letter earlier this year to the same paper warning of the threat to justice etc from the 'all offences are arrestable' laws...............

Maybe in a few cases the old 'there's a revolutionary inside every policeman' is true ???

Mind you the opposite is also true- i've come across some pretty repressive so called 'progressives' in my time..



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