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Nothing is Over-We are only the begining-Statment (Trans. from Greek)

12-12-2008 10:46

After a stormy assembly in a stormy weather and with spirits electrified from the buzz of the last days,we, comrades from the western suburbs, came up with the following text-declaration. The universality of the internet and the global interest gave us the audacity to make this statement Universal!

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one more picture from Athens..

12-12-2008 10:13

our hope..
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American renounces citizenship, becomes stateless person

12-12-2008 09:32

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, 10 December 2008 – Citing US war, human rights abuses, rapacious state capitalism and hypocrisy, Bratislava resident Michael Gogulski announced today that he has renounced his United States citizenship and become a stateless person as a means of “political divorce”.

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Possible good news for those stuck in 'Legacy backlog' and cannot work

12-12-2008 08:41

Please be clear the decision in 'Dawit Tekle v SSHD' though it holds that a blanket denial of the right to work for those caught in the 'Legacy Backlog' is 'Unlawful'', does not give permission to work. The government could comply with the High Court directive but change the policy to get round the objections of the court and continue a blanket ban.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 12th December 2008

12-12-2008 08:39

Komar Family Belong to Sheffield and Now they Do
"Hello NCADC the good news is that we have got Indefinite leave to remain in UK.
I would like to thank NCADC/Sheffield College Students' Union and all the people who supported us in our campaign. I can't thank you all enough, without your support and help we wouldn't have achieved this. You all will be in our prayers forever. Thank you all for saving our lives."

Sawan Komar
Komar Family Belong to Sheffield

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DEMO Against Police Repression in Solidarity with Greek revolt 14/12/08

12-12-2008 05:44

DEMO Against Police Repression in Solidarity with Greek revolt 14/12/08

Full article interview about Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal

12-12-2008 03:27

Mishandling the Guns
Those advocating this radical journalist's execution show a disturbing lack of concern about the undeniable problems of racism (and all documented police/DA/judicial misconduct) throughout this case. At the most fundamental level, the FOP-led 'Fry Mumia' campaign's lack of concern is racist....The FOP appeals to a racist lynch-mob mentality that has long infected the US, so calling this a 'legal lynching' is no exaggeration.

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Wirral Against Service Cuts

11-12-2008 22:56

A crowd of two hundred or more Wirral residents gathered at Wallasey Town Hall last night, to show their anger at the council's planned cuts to vital services.

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Continually updated news on Greek riots

11-12-2008 22:20

The Center For Strategic Anarchy blog is being continually updated with news, images, video, and accounts from solidarity actions around the world. Come get your piping hot Greek riot news:

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Save the planet from capitalism By Evo Morales

11-12-2008 22:06

President Evo morales on climate change and capitalism, and the changes needed to build a sustainable world.

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Athens, Greece update 11/12 Insurrection is alive...

11-12-2008 22:04

A description of the situation in Athens 5 days after the riots erupted

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British Academics receive warm welcome for their contribution to Civilmedia 08

11-12-2008 21:53

This short report highlights British researchers remarkable workl at the Salzburg Civilmedia Conference 08'

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keep counting...

11-12-2008 20:30

it's not over yet

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In Age of Migration, Human Rights Declaration Falls Short

11-12-2008 19:40

New America Media, Commentary, Joseph Nevins, Posted: Dec 10, 2008
Editor’s Note: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights actually has helped legitimate the right of countries to regulate immigration. This is because the declaration, written before the age of mass migration, protects the right of exit from a country but does not affirm a right of entry. Joseph Nevins is an associate professor of geography at Vassar College. His latest book is "Dying to Live: A Story of U.S. Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid" (City Lights Books, 2008). IMMIGRATION MATTERS regularly features the views of immigrant rights advocates.

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Athens 11-12-08 right now .. "game".. IS NOT OVER !!

11-12-2008 19:37

Scenes from today demonstrations of students
Attacking police stations
Also at this time .. low scale riots in the centre of Athens .. Video from panepistimioy street

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And the Worst EU Lobbying Award goes to...

11-12-2008 19:24

Corporate Europe Observatory give out this award every year...

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Industry Lobbyists at UN climate summit

11-12-2008 19:17

News from the Corporate Europe Observatory on UN climate summit in Poznan, Poland

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The Bologna Declaration: Mobility of students

11-12-2008 18:44

The Bologna Declaration amplify its rhetoric with the mobility of students.

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More Bristol-Greek Solidarity

11-12-2008 18:43


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More Greek solidarity actions in Newcastle

11-12-2008 17:29

Banner dropped from roof
Leaflets handed out and banner dropped in city centre