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More Bristol-Greek Solidarity

Alexandros | 11.12.2008 18:43 | Repression | Social Struggles


Thursday December 11, 2008 17:14

Solidarity with the Greek rioters

Police vehicles damaged in Bristol in response to killer cops in Greece.

Over 30 police vehicles, both marked and unmarked, were attacked in Bristol last night by anarchists with catapults. 2 sites were targetted, Broomhill Road in Brislington and Poplar Way in Avonmouth and extensive damage done. Seems like Big Brother can't be watching everywhere.
We will always turn our grief and tears for our murdered comrades into rage and attacks against the enemy. From the banlieus of Paris to the streets of London and Athens, police bullets and violence against the poor and those who oppose them will always be the same. They will get away with impunity in the courts, but not on our streets. For every attack a militant response, and for international solidarity. Strength and respect to the rioters in Greece and everywhere. Against all authority. Find your own way to fight back, but do it now!



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