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Athens, Greece update 11/12 Insurrection is alive...

Athens Comrades | 11.12.2008 22:04 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A description of the situation in Athens 5 days after the riots erupted

We are the image of the Future
(slogan in an Athens wall)
Update 11/12

Today 22 police stations attacked by students mainly all across Athens.
Big Demo in the center some Anarchists, mostly leftist and other people from the city. Many anti-cop slogans, slogans against authority in general, against the lawyer of the cop, a well known bastard that helps drug dealers and big mafia...
The city center does not really work. Most of the shops are burned or destroyed. In riots also traffic lights were destroyed and that s to say really great because it is your decision when you walk and when the cars go...It is so beautiful to see the city center burned down...
In Patission street two universities still occupied. The polytechnic university, a symbol of social fights in Greece, cannot be really controlled by the people there. Highschool kids, or (even younger age 10 years old!) come there to fight with police. Also many immigrants! Some junkies and hooligans join also....It is fun because some really young kids age 9 -10 ,come in the occupied universities and tell the people. “ Hey mister, please teach us how to make a molotov-cocktail...” Also there are hardcore riots
with the police and in the gardens of the university girls and boys kiss and pet each other...
The streets around are burned. Athens' silicon valley, Stournari street with many shops with computers and electronic equipment is totally destroyed, looted. Some computers were looted , most were burned and destroyed. “Plaisio” a big computer store with three floors is burned completely.
Anarchists, autonomists mainly gather in the Athens university of Economics, which is some blocks away...There is a place of conversations, food (it's fun because when the food is over we go to the Supermarkets near, loot , give some to the people who are in the street and the rest we use in the university. There also exists a media center,( a blogspo is created) a radio station is in progress, and a big room to print leaflets and brochures.
The law school is also occupied by leftists, which become a bit more radical (as radical as a leftist can become)...
Exarcheia, the district were the murder happened, is still barricated. There is a big burned car in the middle of Mpenaki street in the entrance of the district.
In the roads down from the occupations on the night some times it is dangerous because nazis and policemen work together and try to prevent immigrants from attacking and looting...
The next days would so how things will go.We expect occupations of schools and universities. The workers are not on strike, syndicates and the communist party sabotage us a lot...Damn, after so many years it is still the same...And you know you have to sabotage production to destroy capitalism...
Many people are arrested and the government wants to make use of the anti-terror laws, like in France for the Tarnac 9. I think now everybody can see for whom these laws are made for. The enemy within...
We can say that some parts of the center have a certain autonomy...and for sure the police will not go in...
Comrades in all the world, if you want to express your solidarity, which we need a lot
keep on the fights in your countries and make them stronger.
They are really afraid for us, believe us you can not imagine, here now we can see it clearly.
Resurrection, like we read in the books really exists, we can assure you , we live it... It is Beautiful!
In one night “reality”, “normality” died...
It will happen to your countries soon.
Make plans
Be ready

Athens Comrades


Thursday reports from Greece

12.12.2008 02:00

The students are showing the way! Early this morning, the highschool students across Athens instead of going to class decided to fill the streets again. The students besieged 25 police stations and attacked some of them, shut down major roads, classed with the police. The cops once again didn't hesitate on using their sticks on 15 year old kids. Some students were arrested but most of them were later released as their classmates were determined not to let them in the hands of the cops! Everyday, whenever the cops are making arrests, tenths of people, protesters and passerby attack the cops (at least verbally, some times physically as well) in order to release the arrestee. 120 schools are occupied by their students and tomorrow more meetings in highschools are taking place. Large number university schools occupied too. Protesters also occupied administrative buildings.
This video, shot a few days ago, shows a highschool kid throwing a riot cop on the ground and saving another student while the cop is running after him and trying to hit him in the head with his stick. Scenes like this happen everyday:

In the afternoon there were demonstrations taking place in the biggest cities and they were peaceful on the most part. In Athens there were 2-3000 people and there were some small scale clashes with the police but not much. The people is still angry thought and that is made clear by the slogans shouted against the police. In Thessaloniki another 2500 people took the streets in a peaceful demonstration although the cops were very provocative. In Patras, the people gave a strong answer to the cops and the neo-nazi scum that were terrorizing the people on Tuesday. 5-6000 people took the streets today, a big number for the size of the city. Today, it was in the city of Komotini where the undercover cops together with right-wing thugs terrorized the demonstrators. After a peaceful demonstration of students from the cities of Komotini and Xanthi, the riot cops left the thugs, which were armed with bars and knives, and the cops in plain clothes to get to the building were the students were having a meeting and terrorize the people inside by breaking the windows, slamming the doors and threaten to lynch them.
What happened in Patras on Tuesday:
The people of Patras react (Thursday):

More and more reports, photos and videos of provocative acts and arrests by cops in plain clothes and their collaboration with the rightwing/neo-nazi thugs are found every day:

About the arrestees:
The greek justice system equalizes the killers and the protesters! The judges decided that 5 of the arrested protesters in Athens 4 in Larissa should be kept in jail until trial, which usually takes 18months! 7 protesters in Kozani will stand upon a judge tomorrow and there are hundreds more across the country that it still unknown. Most of the minors were released so far but heavy charges are held against them as well. And let's not forget the 62 in Copenhagen and those in Madrid, Barcelona and London who were arrested for solidarity acts ! Freedom to them all!



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