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Benjamin Netanyahu is an Existential Threat to Too Much of the World: And now he

15-02-2015 21:58

We Americans (conditioned in the Hebrew tradition) have learned to see enemies in Biblical terms as one-sidedly evil as Satan. It takes a mass media of some very sophisticated accomplishment to continually portray people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, several Middle Eastern leaders as Satan. One needs to be somewhat steeped in the Biblical Literature to create such black and white conclusions. This is one legacy the Bible has bequeathed to modern politics—the absolutism of naming enemy in terms of good versus absolute evil. Israel plays a master game of such portrayal of their supposed enemies. The current leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad is the new version of Zionist Satan, but even this casting of totally evil Muslim figure is not good enough—we have a new entity that does the most obviously sensational sins—behead journalists and engage in egregious forms of violation—the ISIS/ ISIL phenomenon that America magically armed and some claim even trained (see in alternative media) and magically uses to create even more authoritarian war powers to an already criminal torture state that Barack Obama has no power to quell.

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Exclusive:- Pegida UK riddled with anti-semitism and far-right links

15-02-2015 09:56

Pegida UK's growth chart since founding
From information leaked we can reveal that Pegida UK’s main form of organisation has primarily taken place over the social Networking site Facebook since just under a month ago from the 2nd January 2015.

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Philippines: The fate of peace in Mindanao hangs in the balance

14-02-2015 00:22

Akbayan statement on the video of killing of injured SAF trooper

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Defending green spaces: short film of a land occupation in Bristol

13-02-2015 14:54

A piece of land on the outskirts of Bristol is under threat by a new road-building scheme. The plan, which goes by the rather prententious name 'Metrobus', is a bloated top-down development being spun as a green initiative.

Protesters have occupied part of the threatened land to prevent it being destroyed.

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Flight SK 1755: who needs false sensation?

13-02-2015 10:07

On December 12, last year, outside the airspace of Sweden there was an accident with the Cimber Sterling jet presently operative in SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Flight SK 1755 from Danish Copenhagen to Polish Poznan was entering a planned climb when the air traffic controllers’ instruction came to recover from the climb due to dangerous close presence of an unidentified plane. The collision was luckily avoided.

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New anti-fascist mobilisation animation video about Pedgia coming to Newcastle

12-02-2015 07:30

Making the PEGDIA model in 3D
Pegida are marching on the 28th Febuary 2015 in Newcastle. A mobilisation video/animation has just been made to encourage people to come up to Newcastle on the 28th of February to stop the fascists

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Borough of Hatred, Tower Hatred as the news headlines say

11-02-2015 17:10

The claim that the Metropolitan Police are too close to Lutfur Rahman is revealing

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When will the ITUC investigate one of its "own"?

10-02-2015 12:17

ITUC’s Sharan Burrow criticises FIFA.

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Close Supervision Centres - A Modern Form Of Torture

10-02-2015 00:13

There has for some time been serious concerns about the treatment of prisoners held in the so called 'Close Supervision Centre' (CSC) at Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes, and once again the segregation and isolation of what the prison system labels as “difficult” prisoners in a control unit environment has lead to serious abuses of human rights and unlawful behaviour on the part of those “supervising” the CSC. That unlawful behaviour now threatens the physical safety and even lives of prisoners held in the CSC. An incident recently engineered by staff operating the Woodhill prison CSC where a mentally ill prisoner was encouraged to attack another prisoner in what is a supposedly “closely supervised” environment indicates that a “divide and rule” strategy is now being officially applied in the CSC that threatens the lives of these prisoners considered especially “difficult” and “challenging” by the CSC staff.

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n SYRIZA and its victory in the recent general elections in Greece

09-02-2015 14:36

TPTG's read on the current situation in Greece

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Melanie Shaw - Shocking story of child abuse whistleblower being victimised

08-02-2015 13:51

Melanies leg after sodexo medical care
Harrowing case of how Nottingham police and Nottingham council abuse and harass an innocent person in attempts to silence her from speaking out about institutional child abuse rings.

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INDONESIA - Death By Firing Squad

08-02-2015 08:43

Execution by firing squad is the common capital punishment method used in Indonesia for a number of crimes including drug trafficking. The barbaric and cruel method has remained unchanged since 1964.

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07-02-2015 14:01

Pegida UK have invited an American white supremacist organisation linked to the founders of Stormfront, to attend their Newcastle march and hand out leaflets promoting their white power philosophy. Pioneer Little Europe are managed by American neo-nazi activist April Gaede, a blogger whose aim is to organise US and European communities into Aryan strongholds.

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Job Centre Protest in Cambridge Disrupted by Job Centre Security.

06-02-2015 23:17

Good News for Tommi! Now, what about everyone else who's been sanctioned?
This afternoon a protest was held outside Henry Giles House, the Cambridge Job Centre branch, in solidarity with Tommi Miller, a boy with cancer whose benefits had been suspended by the DWP.

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IMF Plan Offers $170 Million in Debt Relief for Ebola-Impacted West Africa

05-02-2015 19:02

IMF Debt Facility Can Aid World's Poorest Countries

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Curo Group Mulberrry Park - contamination fears grow

05-02-2015 18:21

Corrine Eatwell, Scientific Officer - Contaminated Land Environmental Services
Bath & North East Somerset Council states an investigation and risk assessment into elevated levels of benzo(a)pyrene and arsenic must be completed and further investigations into potential asbestos and radiological contaminants carried out before any building work can commence.

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Yarosh is coaching crusaders for Europe

05-02-2015 15:19

EU suffers the wave of nationalist movement. It is maintained by European politicians and stirred by radical characters coming from outside.

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Germany and the Prison Industrial Complex

04-02-2015 17:12

The growth of what some have described as the “prison industrial complex” and the unleashing of economic free market forces upon the prison system by a government ideologically-driven to sell off or “out source” virtually every state function has created the spectre of a prison population utilised as essentially a source of cheap, forced labour for an increasingly avaricious neo-liberal capitalism. There is no starker example of organised modern slavery.