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Melanie Shaw - Shocking story of child abuse whistleblower being victimised

scott pattinson | 08.02.2015 13:51 | Culture | Health | Policing

Harrowing case of how Nottingham police and Nottingham council abuse and harass an innocent person in attempts to silence her from speaking out about institutional child abuse rings.

Melanies leg after sodexo medical care
Melanies leg after sodexo medical care

Melanie shaw is a child abuse survivor who came forward with details to police that
exposed the horrific abuse she and others had experienced in nottingham at the beechwood institute.

As a result of this council leaders and police have clearly shown how the establishment protects serial abusers. Nottingham is run by filthy people. Not one person within this shocking institution will speak out. NOT ONE. As a result of her heroics Melanie has endured false allegations by Nottingham police that accused her of starting a fire to her next door neighbors shed. She was arrested put in Peterborough sodexo prison WITH NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE. This trial was staged and Melanie's basic human rights were taken away from her. The judge also tried to coach the jury by saying that operation daybreak was a conspiracy theory. The very operation that Nottingham police are supposed to be running that exposes child abuse.

The fire brigade received no emergency calls to the residence in question. No calls period. The police clearly lied under oath and committed perjury. Why are they not in jail? When Melanie was in jail her basic needs were ignored as the medical help she received was non existent. Months after her release it was discovered she could barely walk due to her leg being badly swollen. (as pictured)

Filthy Britain is run by people who do not care for human rights. These criminals have shown clear indications that privatization and institutional child abuse are accepted. After her release she later appeared in court again and thankfully Melanie was put on probation for three years when many feared that she would be put away.

Melanie then tried to maintain a normal life but alas this would be short lived due to Nottingham police harassing her and even smashing her door in for no reason.
Then the worse case scenario came about when Melanie was arrested for no reason. The police tried to section her and failed. Additionally the police officially stated that "there had been a call from the neighborhood asking for police assistance"

These claims from a corrupt establishment have no credibility. The victimization of a poor, vulnerable person such as melanie has to stop. The deeper these corrupt officials go the more they expose themselves and that ultimately is not acceptable for society to move forward

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