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Open Letter to Dave Cameron about Tower Hamlets cc the Police, et al

OrdinaryEastEnder | 07.02.2015 16:08 | Analysis | Policing | Social Struggles | London | World

Dear Dave Cameron;;;

Dear Dave Cameron
This is an Open Letter on purpose.
So that everyone can see it and make up their minds about what is said in it.
Tower Hamlets is in the news for the wrong reasons but the roles of the Police and of the London mayor and of the local Council
are not being examined.
Apart from the election fraud allegations.
What I am doing is to ask you to look at the evidence of how
The little people are being short-changed.
And how the Police are not recognising the valuable services that the little people have to offer.
You are all being sent a full copy of the texts of the open letter in the post.
Thanks for reading.