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Defending green spaces: short film of a land occupation in Bristol

anarchocoder | 13.02.2015 14:54 | Ecology | Free Spaces

A piece of land on the outskirts of Bristol is under threat by a new road-building scheme. The plan, which goes by the rather prententious name 'Metrobus', is a bloated top-down development being spun as a green initiative.

Protesters have occupied part of the threatened land to prevent it being destroyed.

In these interviews they explain what this place means to them and why Metrobus needs to be resisted.

You can download/stream the video at:

Or if you prefer a noncorporate site you can download it from:
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See for background.

The video is around 6 minutes long and around 72MB in size.

On many computers playback is faster, smoother and better quality if you download the video and then use a program like VLC: play it. But if you really prefer to watch it in your browser, that's up to you.