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Leeds Vivisection Breeder Demo & Circus Mondeo Protest

25-09-2009 20:45


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Honduras coup resistance (by Latuff)

25-09-2009 19:41

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Nationalist campaign by Unite union bureaucracy over Vauxhall-Opel takeover

25-09-2009 18:57

The sell-off of General Motors’ European operations, Opel and Vauxhall, to the Canadian-Russian consortium Magna has elicited a poisonous “us first” response by the trade unions involved, that stomps all over any notion of class solidarity.

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Issue 692 - Junglist Missive

25-09-2009 18:45

The refugee camps in Calais called the 'jungle' are smashed by French police... plus, climate campaigners blockade the Ffos-y-Fran opencast coal mine in Wales, the Titnore Protest Camp near Worthing holds a direct action picnic halting work on the new Tesco super store, animal rights campaigner Sean Kirtley is released from prison on an appeal, an abandoned cathedral in Bristol is squatted for a week of events and actions called Co-Mutiny, and more...

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Activists Do Lock-On At London Fashion Weekend

25-09-2009 18:28

After activists staged a lock-on, London Fashion Weekend organisers ask The London Fur Company to pack up and leave.

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Community, Co-Mutiny and the creation of alternatives

25-09-2009 17:30

In the aftermath of Bristol's long awaited Co-Mutiny I thought it important to engage in a dialogue on where we are now.

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Don't deport Lal Agha Gharibzada!

25-09-2009 13:50

Please take some time to speak up in support of Lal Agha Gharibzada, a 64 year old man facing the threat of forced return to Afghanistan- a country riven by war, terrorism and poverty.

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Help needed in Newcastle

25-09-2009 13:37

Help needed

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PRESS RELEASE- Activists Are Occupying Chief of Police Office Calais

25-09-2009 12:37

Currently, twenty No Borders activists including some from the UK are
occupying the *sous-prefecture* in Calais, demanding an immediate end to
the persecution of migrants and calling for freedom of movement for all.

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Short Interview Soudabeh Heidari, Camp Ashraf Hunger Striker.

25-09-2009 12:10

"I am here to support the residents of Ashraf, the 3,500 Iranian's in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. On the 28th July, at the behest of the Iranian regime, Iraqi forces attacked the people. They are defenceless, unarmed people. After the horrific attacks, 11 people have been killed and 500 injured. 36 people have been arrested. I decided to join the hunger strikes."

Soudabeh Heidari, aged 19.

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Academy Schools; The Sinister Programming of Children

25-09-2009 11:26

Something nasty is at work in education. Billed as a radical NuLabour rethinking of how to educate children, 47 schools are to be run as privately sponsored Academies with international corporations such as weapons giant Vosper-Thornycroft.

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Park Hill Flats Sheffield:

25-09-2009 09:12

Over the weekend of the 18/20 September, WARP celebrated 20 years. On the Saturday night they showed films, some that had used Park Hill as a location, from Aphex Twin's windowlicker, to The Arctic Monkeys.

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Antifa Statement on Police Informant Matthew Gibbons

25-09-2009 08:17

(This statement will be posted on the Antifa England website later today.)

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U.S., NATO Poised For Most Massive War In Afghanistan's History

25-09-2009 07:57

Over the past week U.S. newspapers and television networks have been abuzz with reports that Washington and its NATO allies are planning an unprecedented increase of troops for the war in Afghanistan, even in addition to the 17,000 new American and several thousand NATO forces that have been committed to the war so far this year.

America's obedient media is preparing domestic audiences for the possibility of the largest escalation of foreign armed forces in Afghanistan's history.

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Stop the ID Card Con - Don't be a Guinea Pig

25-09-2009 06:19

Why pick on Manchester and the North West? The government thought it could force people working at Manchester Airport to be guinea-pigs for the national ID card. It was wrong. The airlines and unions saw no benefits and said 'NO'. The government backed down. It is now spending your tax money trying to get people in the region to 'volunteer' instead.

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IDA wins landmark victory against USDA and HLS secrecy

25-09-2009 03:23

Washington, DC —After a seven-year court fight, including the first trial in years involving the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been ordered by a federal judge to disclose 1,017 pages of records obtained during an investigation of controversial toxicology lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) to In Defense of Animals, the animal protection group said today.

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Today your Freedom is being signed away

25-09-2009 01:10

Today at the UN, New York, States are signing a treaty which excludes core obligations and the right to development which will result in people becoming far more dependent on the State/Corporations and also result in discrimination against the poor. Many States are following these policies. However with these rights excluded it will be harder to discern the difference between terrorists and 'freedom fighters'. It is now known the rights to fight for.

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Metropolitan Police Service apologises for unlawful arrest

25-09-2009 01:04

Apology letter @ Southwark tube station
Four years after having unlawfully arrested an innocent attempting to take the tube, the Metropolitan Police Service eventually apologises, offers some compensation and promises that the officers involved will be made aware that the police had to agree to such an outcome.

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anti fur action newcastle

24-09-2009 23:22

tommrow newcastle animal rights and northen animal rights will be teaming up and protesting against fu at fewicks

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Mass Action to shut down coal plant, Copenhagen, this Sat

24-09-2009 23:12

Green block and purple block
Success critera for Shut It Down Saturday 26th September, Copenhagen

1. enter a power plant and to shut down the production
2. confront politicians and energy companies with direct action, challenging the existing system
3. to evoke international recognition of the intentness of climate movements
4. mobilise people for climate activism by participating in an creative, colourful and integrating action
5. and finally to raise awareness about the conflict between coal power and climate change