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Antifa Statement on Police Informant Matthew Gibbons

Antifa England | 25.09.2009 08:17 | Animal Liberation | Anti-racism | Repression | Sheffield

(This statement will be posted on the Antifa England website later today.)

We are releasing this statement in support of the one already issued by the Animal Liberation Central Intelligence Unit (see naming Matthew Gibbons of York as a police informant. In clarification, Gibbons has made several attempts over the past couple of years to become involved with Antifa England. When he discovered he could not simply do this by e-mail he appears to have got cold feet. While Gibbons may (or may not) have recruited antifascists locally, he has never been part of the Antifa federation in any way, shape, or form. Nor has there ever been an Antifa England group established in York. In view of Gibbons’ total lack of involvement with us, he has been reduced to simply telling lies to his police handlers. That however, does not make his treachery any the less serious. We doubt that Gibbons’ recent overtures to the fascist English Defence League are any more sincere than his past overtures to Antifa. In conclusion, we are fully satisfied that the Animal Liberation Central Intelligence Unit are correct in naming Gibbons as a police informant and applaud their willingness to make this information public. We advise activists in York and elsewhere to give both Gibbons and his partner Sarah Larking a very wide berth.

Antifa England

Antifa England
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