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Activists Do Lock-On At London Fashion Weekend

Anne. T. Fur-Trade | 25.09.2009 18:28 | Animal Liberation | World

After activists staged a lock-on, London Fashion Weekend organisers ask The London Fur Company to pack up and leave.

Early this afternoon, 3 activists walked into Somerset House for London Fashion Weekend and into the exhibit for The London Fur Company. As one activist locked her friend to a stand and proceeded to superglue herself around another, the third glued herself to a stand near the door and they began to shout.

Everyone in the room, the surrounding rooms, outside in the corridor and outside on the street could hear as the three (filmed by a fourth friend) chanted "Fur Trade, Death Trade", "Fur On Your Back - Blood On Your Hands" and informed them about the horrors of the trade.

Support for the activists was high and people seemed shocked by the fact that over 850,000,000 animals die each year for the fur trade - hundreds of millions of which are skinned while they're still alive and fully conscious, others are anally or vaginally electrocuted, gassed, poisoned, drowned, caught in the wild in steel leghold traps...

It took around 25 minutes before security managed to get someone to dismantle the stands and release the activists who then continued to chant. Soon after, police arrived and assisted security.

Once removed from the room over an hour after the protest began, activists were told they would not be arrested if they willingly left private property. Leaving one by one, they took the opportunity to continue shouting and informing people entering the fashion show about why they were there.

Carrying on the protest outside on the street, again with a lot of support, security came out and told them that "due to your protest and also because of ethics, we've asked the stall holder to pack up".

All in all... RESULT!! :)

Anne. T. Fur-Trade
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