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World AIDS Day

03-12-2004 20:23

Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS: World AIDS Day 2004

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"There are bodies the Americans threw in the river"

03-12-2004 20:18

Fallujah Refugees Tell of Life and Death in the Kill Zone

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For a Global Disruption of Empire - J20

03-12-2004 19:53

In Solidarity with the DAWN (DC Anti-War Network, call for groups to converge from around the
country and around the world to converge on DC, we call on those who
cannot make the trip to DC to organize local actions in their own

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BBC Hoaxed By DOW / Bhopal Protest

03-12-2004 18:23

The BBC (world) has announced that the interview with a supposed rep from DOW Chemicals was a hoax and they have a apologised to Dow ..

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Yes Men Score A Hit for Bhopal

03-12-2004 18:13

The BBC has been forced to apologise after falling for the latest stunt from by The Yes Men ( who impersonated a Dow Chemical spokesman and said the US company accepted responsibility for India's Bhopal disaster.

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03-12-2004 17:51

In the short term, if Ukrainian people manage to get rid of censorship, systematic police brutality, corruption and state ordered killings, that in itself will be a victory. But in the long run, something new has been born. Call it “civil society” or “autonomous networks of resistance”, whatever it’s called, it will influence future events and, hopefully set an example to people everywhere

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Radical Video on your phone

03-12-2004 17:46

Would they accept videos of revolutions do you think? worth a try perhaps?

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A fun day demo'ing at the Oxford animal lab

03-12-2004 12:59

Police bias at the Oxford animal lab protests and how everyone is a protestor.

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To all guerilla-shareholders

03-12-2004 12:21


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Peat Excavation Site Sabotaged

03-12-2004 12:03

Earlier this year a peat excavation works at Chat Moss near Manchester was Sabotaged. The site where the extraction was taking place was of high ecological value and in the vacinity of a wildlife Site of Scientific Importance. Peat bogs also have great value as Co2 sinks.

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Defend Oxford Council Housing - Say No to Privatisation

03-12-2004 11:54

Further information about the public meeting to be held in Oxford Town Hall on Tuesday 14 December at 7.30pm

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03-12-2004 11:49

Just received word that Aznar has cancelled his visit to Oxford tonight - so the demo is off, too.

Many apologies for the short notice.

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New Community Media Centre - Meeting Sat 4th Dec

03-12-2004 11:25

There is an exciting plan to set up a community media resource centre in Oxford, with heavy involvement from oxford indymedia. The centre would have a broadband network, a video editing station, and a new Oxford-based internet radio station.

A meeting to discuss it is being held at 109 Hurst Street on Saturday 4th December at 6pm. Come and get involved!

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US Elections : Ralph Nader, un candidat baîlloné dans une élection sans enjeux

03-12-2004 11:23

Ralph NADER combat pour la Justice depuis quarante ans
En combattant la candidature de Ralph Nader, qui porte les idées progressistes depuis plusieurs décennies, pour donner un blanc-seing au clone démocrate de G.W. Bush, les notables du mouvement « N’importe Qui Sauf Bush » ont ruiné cinq années de mobilisation croissante depuis la naissance du mouvement alter-mondialiste en 1999 à Seattle, jusqu’au mouvement anti-guerre qui a rassemblé des millions de personnes dans le monde en 2003, et qui exige aujourd’hui la fin de l’occupation étrangère en Irak et en Palestine. Au moment où la prétendue "guerre contre le terrorisme" s'intensifie, le mouvement pacifiste reste à reconstruire.

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Justice for Colombia In Liverpool Tuesday 14th Decemeber

03-12-2004 10:54

in Liverpool with Colombian student union leader Juan
Carlos Villamizar

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03-12-2004 10:29

Matthews Ndlovu, an activist of one of the APF's community affiliates
(the Phiri Concerned Residents Association) was, on Wednesday this week,
convicted and sentenced on a charge of 'malicious damage to property' in
the Protea North District Magistrate's Court to a fine of R25 000 or 2
years in jail.

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nano protests

03-12-2004 04:21

this protest news is slightly out of date but it should get you going. big up all tha true demonstrator!

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Lest We Forget Eureka Stockade!

03-12-2004 04:13

On October 16, 1975, five journalists filming the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, for Australian TV channels, were killed at a place called Balibo. This name seems set to become one of the rallying cries of 2nd Renaissance secession movements in Australia. The facts surrounding the Balibo killings are so damning of the central governments of Australia and Indonesia that the event will rank in Australian consciousness with the Eureka Stockade uprising of 1854.

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No Bad Women, No Bad Children, Just Bad Laws

03-12-2004 01:19

Victory: 12-day occupation against police illegality and racism
The English Collective of Prostitutes and the International Prostitutes Collective invite you to an International Conference on prostitution

Saturday 4 December 2004

9.30am – 6pm

St Mary's Church, Somers Town, Eversholt St. London NW1

(Corner of Aldenham St. & Eversholt St. Undergrounds Mornington Crescent & Euston)

Fully wheelchair accessible. Refreshments.

Entrance: institutions £30; high waged £10; waged £3-£5; unwaged £3.

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A duty or a privilege to kill George W. Bush?

03-12-2004 01:17

!hardhitting rappers!!
A Norwegian hip-hop band called Gatas Parlament has started a campaign to collect money so that 'someone can kill that man', as they put it. Why should he be able to sleep at night when he is responsible for killings worldwide?, approximately so asks the band. Their own answer is that 'it is the most sensible thing to do"!

Campaign website (in Norwegian):