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New Community Media Centre - Meeting Sat 4th Dec

richarddirecttv | 03.12.2004 11:25 | Indymedia | Oxford

There is an exciting plan to set up a community media resource centre in Oxford, with heavy involvement from oxford indymedia. The centre would have a broadband network, a video editing station, and a new Oxford-based internet radio station.

A meeting to discuss it is being held at 109 Hurst Street on Saturday 4th December at 6pm. Come and get involved!

We have a wish-list for tech gear and furnishings:

Comfy arm chair
Ps2 mice
VHS player
Lock for door
Network cables
Transport to pickup more computers

If you have any of the above, or anything else which might be useful, contact us at

For the meeting, bring any tech gear and food and drink for shared meal

Hamish, Owen, Turnip, Richard



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