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Eyewitness and photographic evidence sought

09-08-2002 19:41

Eve from the Rhythms of Resistance samba band was arrested on Oxford St last Saturday, Aug 3. She was charged later that night with assaulting a Police officer.

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Washington, DC: Housing activists arrested

09-08-2002 19:36

Activists who occupied Franklin School now at Fifth District police station. How to call Mayor, City Council.

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Mayday DC Coalition Occupies Franklin School, Issues Six Demands to City

09-08-2002 19:34

Mayday DC, a coalition for the homeless, occupied the Franklin School in downtown Washington this morning. They released six demands to the City Council and Mayor's Office.

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It is no wonder that nations around the world are reacting nervously to the U.S.

09-08-2002 17:14

Bush piss on Bush...father!

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Bombs and speed kill in Afghanistan

09-08-2002 16:14

Here's one anti-drug advertising campaign you'll never see.

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Jihad for kids

09-08-2002 14:57

Jihad for kids - the official palestinian TV

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09-08-2002 14:30

main utopia august 2002

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Leningrad: Tonight 9pm BBC 2

09-08-2002 13:48

An expose of the way the people of Leningrad were treated after the siege, by Stalin. Unfortunately, clashing with a radio documantary about the Angry Brigade (BBC Radio 4, also 9pm) Set the video !

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A Photo Essay on Israeli State Terrorism

09-08-2002 11:59

An interesting collection of images to be seen in the context of the picture of murdered Israeli Jews on another link below

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WWF Japan Urges Restoration of Isahaya Bay

09-08-2002 11:27

WWF Japan Urges Restoration of Isahaya Bay

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Global Warming is Changing Tropical Forests

09-08-2002 11:24

Global Warming is Changing Tropical Forests

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Cheer the brave opposers !

09-08-2002 09:42

The opposers (Palestinians) and their fight for justice. Before and after the resistance action.

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Europe 2002, a political party is about to be illegalized!!!

09-08-2002 09:15

The Spanish Government wants to ban Batasuna

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Secret US Forces Plan Pretext for clamp down

09-08-2002 08:19

This article is controversial, but i believe it to be true. Feel free to disprove any part of it for yourself. Some of the article is speculation. This can not be proved or disproved until after the event. Please read the whole article, even if you just skim read it, because the revelations continue down to the bottom.

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CIA knew about 9/11, did they know about Colombia too?

09-08-2002 06:46

What was strange was not the attack, but the 'conspiracy of silence' that is creeping around the discourse and practice of America's "War on Terrorism".

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Time to leave the SWP

09-08-2002 06:18

It is now time to leave the SWP

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Faslane security breached again as protesters paint on Trident

09-08-2002 01:37

Press Release: 8th August 2002 : At 3am this morning, two Trident Ploughshares activists breached the security at Faslane naval base on the Clyde. Veteran Peace Campaigner, Dave Rolstone (55) and Gillian Sloan (40) were arrested when they swam into the nuclear base and painted on the side of a Trident submarine.

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NewsRound on the BBC is pro-zionist bollocks!

08-08-2002 22:41

I don't know about you readers of Indymedia but are you sick to death of that bullshit NewsRound produces as of late?!

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Peace and Hope festival to follow week of commemoration

08-08-2002 21:25

festival for peace and hope and scrapping trident in plymouth