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Redwatch Ship is DOWN DOWN DOWN

06-04-2004 14:50

The messages of TRUTH hidden by C18 admin from its members!
Recently we have managed to bring disorder among the factions of C18 / Redwatch.

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A list of questions to a Housing Assosiation boss man!

06-04-2004 12:21

Just sent this list to Tom McGuire Executive Director of Community 7, which is a subsidiary of the giant RSL the Riverside Group. Community 7 intends to take over all the other RSL and council properties within the £62m Kensington New Deal for Communities initiative area of Liverpool:

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Competing Ourselves to Death?

06-04-2004 11:55

Industry lobby groups cheered when the EU's Spring Summit agreed to
do 'business impact assessments' for all new EU legislation and re-
evaluate EU climate change policies. This year's European Business
Summit showed that industry's list of 'obstacles to competitiveness'
ranges from chemical safety rules over GM food restrictions to
'insufficient' military budgets.

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Oxford Social Centre Open

06-04-2004 10:47

Practical workshop on setting up an Oxford social centre happened late last night.

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arrested Indymedia journalist (Imc Argentina) free again

06-04-2004 10:10

As already reported on http://www. , the Indymedia Argentina volunteer, who got arrested at a demonstration of peasants and poor neighbours protesting for land for farming and building shelter is free again after big solidarity protests.

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environmentalists stop construction of a NATO base in Hungary

06-04-2004 09:59

click on the links-

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Ban on demonstrations in Russia

06-04-2004 09:26

demonstrations in city centres not permitted any more
A new law on demonstrations introduced in Russia - all demonstrations or rallies near government institutions, highways and other "strategically important " facilities forbidden

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Balata Project Multimedia Exhibition

05-04-2004 23:20

A tank enforces curfew in Balata camp in August.
On Wednesday 7th April the people of Sheffield will have the opportunity to view a free multimedia exhibition bringing Palestinian voices from the Balata, the largest refugee camp in the West Bank. The exhibition will run from 0930-1830 and takes place at The Drum [ex-National Centre for Popular Music], Pasternoster Row, Sheffield S1.

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Woodland under threat

05-04-2004 20:05

Snuff Mills is a wooded area in Bristol that is cherished as an amenity by the community. Recent woodland managemnet has angered some. The area may also be under threat from road building.

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[Biddu, Palestine] People's Resistance Pushes Israeli Military Out Of Village

05-04-2004 19:25

April 4, 2004

Boy suffers skull fracture

(See below for links to pictures)

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Regeneration - more like community destruction?

05-04-2004 18:35

New Heartlands Prospectus (CD/0085) indicates that, within the Sefton area, during the 15 year lifetime of the Pathfinder Initiative, some 1,921 dwellings will be demolished out of a total of 22,500 properties, some 8.5% of the total stock.

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Indymedia reporter who was at Asahi Glass demo in Thornton 30/1/04?

05-04-2004 18:28

Could the Indymedia reporter who was at this demo please get in touch, as your video footage could be useful in the court cases.

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Sharon: 'Disengagement Plan' Will Not Mean A Return to 1967 Green Line

05-04-2004 18:07

Sharon's plan will destroy Palestinian dreams of an independent state once and for all.

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Chomsky sides with Kerry.

05-04-2004 17:17

Chomsky endorces Kerry bid.

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Rebuild the IV° International. Open letter to the MRFI

05-04-2004 17:11

To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International

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Benefit tonight in London 4 new Glasgow Social Centre

05-04-2004 17:01

There will be a benefit this evening at the Occupied Social Centre, Ex-Grand Banks, 156-158 Fortess Road, opposite Kentish Town tube, to raise money for a new social centre in Glasgow. Free entry.

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Manchester Iraqis demonstrate against forced deportation

05-04-2004 16:28

Iraqi refugees demonstrate against deportation in the pouring rain yesterday.

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Call for short film submissions for Edinburgh Fringe

05-04-2004 15:35

Cowgate Central are looking for interesting short films to show at the Fringe on the big screen. Submissions from all genres are welcome, I attach a form for folk who are interested. Get your work seen at the largest arts fest in the world! Deadline 15 May, and we'll need a copy of the work submitted (watchable on VHS or a computer).

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Rollright Stones vandalised

05-04-2004 15:23

The Rollright Stones, a large ancient stone circle in Oxdordshire, were vandalised last weekend, with yellow paint sprayed over every stone, causing upwards of £200,000 damage.