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18-06-2004 19:07

A national gathering to bring together asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants, with legal representatives, social workers, health and other professionals, church people and other campaigners – all those who make up the movement to protect the rights of anyone affected by immigration legislation and policies, including anti-terrorism measures.

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Crap arrest of the week candidate

18-06-2004 19:00

This guy has been arrested on june the 16th during the 'Greenwash or Us' Street Party for "not moving" and/or for "asking why". You can see how the two cops arresting him are not giving answers to those asking why was that guy been arrested.
One of the agent is covering his badges when the camera approaches him and he says: "Get out of my face!" while another cop approach the guy who's filming telling him :"hey, uv been warned ok!?"... apparently the "get out of my face" has now became a police warning... the filming guy was then told that he was obstructing their duty (wonder why was covering his badges then!).
The guy was finally "gently" handcuffed and taken away...

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18-06-2004 16:48

"The US state was boarded by the Bush junta, a hostile takeover so to speak that was completely legal. The Bush junta now uses the US state to collect tax revenue from the citizens and pass on tax cuts to higher income groups or distribute them to friendly corporations.. In a political landscape where justice rules instead of the mafia, Kohl would be behind bars.." translated from the German

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Update: Rampart, occupied creative and social space, safe!

18-06-2004 16:21

Here's a short update on the status of the Rampart squatted creative centre and social space....

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Philippines 2003: how 300 troops mutiny unmasked "war on terror"

18-06-2004 16:09

[As you may notice, I’ve cut part of the article because the question of peace talks between the left party RPMP-RPA-ABB and the Government has nothing to do with gangster GUAC. It's better to avoid any confusion. ;-)Felix Zorba, October 7, 2003]

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Women Raped Before Their Husbands

18-06-2004 15:49

"Liberty" - American Style
Statements and findings by non-governmental organisations and human-rights groups detail how one female detainee had been raped 17 times in one day by ‘Iraqi’ police in the presence of US troops. Another NGO reported of how one mother-of-four killed herself after being held by her hair and raped in front of her restrained husband, who was forced to watch.

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Class War NorthEast Update.

18-06-2004 13:50

Read It & Scream, “Guns & Roses” the Northeast’s newest Newsletter from “Class War” spreads information like a virus.

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Picket Disney's Corporate Party - Winter Gardens, Sunday 7pm

18-06-2004 13:43

Disney's record of employing sweatshop labour in countries like Haiti and China is extreme and brutal. This is your opportunity to put pressure on Disney to give their workers decent rights, decent working conditions and decent pay. In 1996, Disney's CEO Michael Eisner paid himself $200 million in salary and share options - over 300,000 times what he paid workers in Honduras for making Pocahontas t-shirts.

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Firefighters’ union severs Labour ties

18-06-2004 13:39

The Fire Brigades Union today voted to disaffiliate from Labour, making it the second trade union to split from the party this year.

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Global Justice Consultation

18-06-2004 13:39

Debate and vote on 10 proposals presented by different organizations during the World Social Forum to restrain the current neoliberal economic globalisation!

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Activist Armada: Pirates of the G8

18-06-2004 11:19

On Wednesday June 9th, 10 Pirates did the unthinkable: they set sail toward Sea Island against all odds. Determined to make their message heard these activists brought their banner and their voices to the summit doors ignoring the weather, the darkness, and the warnings of danger.

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Report of the Bradford June12th Jeff Luers Event

18-06-2004 10:59

The 1in12 Club was host to Bradfords contribution the June 12th day of solidarity with anarchist prisoner Jeff 'FREE' Luers.

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U.S. Secret Detention Centers

18-06-2004 10:38


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Carbon Web workshop & music jam Friday night at oily exhibition space

18-06-2004 09:54

Tonight Friday June 18th at 7pm there will be a workshop unravelling the carbon web woven by BP and Shell, and focussing on the way they slap on the greenwash via arts and other sponsorship to sanitise their tainted reputations. This will be given by the Gog & Magog outlet of the mighty Platform (

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BNP London organiser was an apartheid spook behind murderers hit list

18-06-2004 09:44

One of the British National Party’s leading activists in the campaign for the London Assembly and European Parliament was implicated in South Africa’s most infamous murder case.

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Marks and Spencer demo knocks down barriers

18-06-2004 09:16

Less Zionists + Less police = a nice happy evening.

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18-06-2004 09:14

US “precision” strikes killed hundreds | UN acknowledges error | Annan against war crimes immunity | Earth Liberation Front | DuPont defends Teflon | Dow Chemical & Bhopal | Environmental hazards are a big killer of children | A Third Time Homeless | Company Challenges U.S. for Safeguarding Environment | Coffee Crisis a Forgotten Issue on Global Agenda | The Torturer-in-Chief | A strategy, but not one for freedom | Improvising a Homeland Defense | Repression of Globalization | ctivists | Iraqi Sovereignty | Disengaging Resistance | Who's Sovereign Now? | 'New Europe' Rejects GM Vote

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G8 counter summit in Mali

18-06-2004 07:18

forum in Siby in 2003
For the third time already, a counter summit from below took place on the african continent in Mali at the start of june simultaneously with the meeting of the states presidents of the industrial nations, this time it was in Kita, 180 km away from Bamako. (before in Siby).

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18-06-2004 02:26

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, Spain, China, and Cuba.

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J18 1999 Carnival Against Capitalism 5th anniversary

18-06-2004 02:04

Assemble Liverpool Street Station
Pix from J18 1999 Carnival Against Capitalism, City of London