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Norbert | 18.06.2004 16:48 | Repression | World

"The US state was boarded by the Bush junta, a hostile takeover so to speak that was completely legal. The Bush junta now uses the US state to collect tax revenue from the citizens and pass on tax cuts to higher income groups or distribute them to friendly corporations.. In a political landscape where justice rules instead of the mafia, Kohl would be behind bars.." translated from the German


By Norbert

[This article originally published on May 25, 2004 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,]

The state is a special creation. The state protects us, its citizens. We love the state for this. However we also hate it when it interferes in our privacy. Papa State is powerful. With police and attorneys (state attorneys), it has a monopoly on force. The state may judge but we may not judge it. We bow to its judgments, its rules and its will.

Now imagine that a powerful instrument like the state comes into the hands of unscrupulous persons. Imagine the state with its police and legal institutions in the hands of the mafia. Wouldn’t that be cruel? Wouldn’t we worry about our life, our freedom and lour future?

The native thinks this is a “crazy idea”. I think this is close to reality.

Look at the latest developments in the US. A single terrorist act whose authors are veiled in the smoke of the secret services like the day when it happened prompted the most crass brainwashing in a long time. All the news broadcasters cried and complained and the citizens complained and cried with them. Now after their brains were washed, the state servants come and want to establish a new surveillance state as though the old one wasn’t enough. Billions of dollars should be invested in data banks to protect one’s population and the foreign population from subjects who are certainly also provoked by the activities of the state as a big brother. Action is followed by reaction. Apart from that, my friend Captain Cornelius refers to a primal rule of detectives: Follow the money! Wherever a crime happens, follow the flow of the money.

Where do the $10 billion flow? To Accenture, formerly “Arthur Anderson”, renamed after the great US-Enron corporate bankruptcy. Accenture reinvented creative accounting. Appearance is everything. One wears a stained trademark grudgingly. Thus this firm profits from the plans of the US state.

Enron was involved with the Bush dynasty. How far is the way to Arthur Accenture? With my spiritual eye, I see them sitting at a table, the heads of Enron, Arthur Anderson and the central committee of US republicans. All are one family!

Mafia always occurs to me with the word family. Mafia is a synonym for a family business that doesn’t only bake little loafs of bread. Consider the US government. Not only in isolated cases, the money of US taxpayers flowed in the private pockets of members of the government. Are Cheney and Halliburton connected? Are Halliburton and the war related?

The Bush junta boarded the US state, a hostile takeover so to speak that was completely legal. The Bush junta now uses the US state to collect tax revenue from the citizens and pass on tax cuts to higher income groups or distribute them to friendly corporations. Even a war will be started to help the distribution mechanism. Would such people really be afraid of blowing up a couple of antiquated towers to have a reason for war? Is Bush junior a marionette?

A documentary called “The President, the Oil and the Amigos” will be shown this evening revealing that the Iraq war aimed only at “securing” the resource oil. Inexpensive oil is an indispensable lubricant in an economy like the US economy addicted to high quality oil. Without oil, the US economy collapses like the wealth of the capital-mafia. This mafia captures the state, manipulates by synchronized “patriotic” media and attacks Iraq.

“Naturally the people do not want war. Why should a poor farm worker risk his life when the best he can hope for is to return with sound knees? Obviously the simple people do not want war, the people in Russia, England, America and Germany. This is clear. However the leaders of a country ultimately determine policy. Bringing the people to join isn’t always easy whether in a democracy or a fascist dictatorship, a parliament or a communist dictatorship… With or without the right to vote, the people can always be brought to follow the commands of the leader. This is very simple. One doesn’t need to do anything but tell them they will be attacked, criticize pacifists for their lack of patriotism and claim the land is in danger. This method functions in every country.” This quotation comes from Hermann Goring.

Diplomacy is another example. Diplomacy is normally intent on bringing people into contact, expressing desires, initiating trade and so forth. However diplomacy also plays in the interests of the league of the mafia when the friends of those governing the country fill diplomatic posts…

In Italy, the homeland of the mafia, Berlusconi since his assumption of power has tried to manipulate laws. If he got in the way of the mafia, he would not live long. Isn’t his working openly and uninhibitedly evidence that his works benefit the mafia? Isn’t Berlusconi a part of the mafia?

The judges and state attorneys are against the developments of Berlusconi’s mafia Italy. They also see excessive interference of the strange statesman in parts of society that should be independent.

Still the rest of the world should not lean back all too comfortably. Germany is also firmly in the hands of the mafia! With the election of Horst Kohler as president of Germany, one part of the mafia supports another..

In a political landscape where justice rules instead of the mafia, Kohl would be behind bars. He is not only free but exercises political power. This would have been impossible without supporters in the background, great friends and connections. These connections have a name: mafia.

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