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Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

24-04-2007 23:29

It's not fascism when we do it...
On the internet people have been pointing out that the USA (and the UK not that far behind) is sliding into fascism, but this isn't something that the mainstream media will touch, after all they are a part of the problem. The following article by Naomi Wolf, published in the Guardian today is an exception to this and although reposts from the mainstream are rightly frowned upon here this article does deserve being an exception to the rule.

It is interesting to contrast the following article with the view of the USA that some on the UK left have, for example Mark Osbourn of the AWL considers that John Pilger has a "pathological hatred of the western powers which leads to the repeated and idiotic allusion that the US/UK leaders bear a similarity to Nazis": The article by John Pilger that Mark Osbourn is refering to can be read here:

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Please sign Rhetta Moran Campaign petition

24-04-2007 23:14

Rhetta Moran was sacked from Salford University because of her defence of asylum seekers. This was dressed up as a redundancy. Rhetta tried to get her job back at tribunal and lost.
Now to put other workers off from going to tribunal, the university is claiming £10,000 costs from her.
Spend 1 minute signing to help her please.

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Reclaim Power - 15min film version online

24-04-2007 22:44

day of action against Drax coal fired power station
In the summer of 2006, 600 people set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK. With over one hundred workshops on a wide range of topics, the 10 day camp was a space of collective learning, sustainable living and taking direct action on the root causes of climate change. The gathering that showed practical low energy solutions in action, culminated in a day of protest and mass direct action in an attempt to shut down Drax.

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Justice for Cleaners visit Lloyds.

24-04-2007 20:51

The latest city big hitters to be exposed for their dedicated effortsd to increase the gap between rich and poor are none other than Lloyds. The gleaming eyesore that is Lloyds city HQ is cleaned by contracters McLellan. Not only do they pay the cleaners a mere £5.35 an hour for working long unsocialble hour but also refuse to recognise the union. Cleaners are also on the minimum holiday allowance and have zero sick pay. Compare that to the seven figure salaries that others in the building are on and the injustice is clear. There are also reports that staff who have joined the union are being intimidated.

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Roundtable on Iran's Nuclear Program: Friday 27 April 2007

24-04-2007 20:49

Please note the following important debate taking place this Friday where CASMII's founder Abbas Edalat will speak as part of a panel discussing Iran's Nuclear Program. We encourage everyone to attend the evening and take part in the Q&A session in face of the on-going hostilities and threats against Iran on the pretext of its nuclear energy program.

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Mayday Party

24-04-2007 20:30

1st May 07
A benefit for migrants' and refugees' rights;
regualrisation for all & an end to detention and deportation

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The Interweavings of the Plan Puebla Panamá

24-04-2007 19:24

CapitalismThe formal re-launching of Plan Puebla Panamá by Felipe Calderón in Campeche coincided with the opening of a new line of credit to Mexico from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) for 2.5 billion dollars for infrastructure, such as the reactivation and/or execution of various projects, apparently unconnected, in benefit of big capital.

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Indigenous Representatives from All América, and the World, to Gather October 11

24-04-2007 19:22

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

April 23, 2007

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Hunger strike of undocumented migrants in Belgium !!

24-04-2007 18:36

*Belgium: 37 people on hunger strike in (the detention center) 127 since last
Wednesday morning, 19 April 2007!*
*6 people managed to escape from the closed centre of Vottem on Thursday*

CRER - Coordination pour la regularisation et la libre circulation des
personnes (Coordination for the legalisation and the free movement of

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Huge sewage pollution in Scotland linked to Thames Water’s cost-cutting

24-04-2007 17:42

A pump failure at the Seafield sewage treatment plant near Edinburgh on Friday has sent millions of gallons of untreated human excrement into the Forth river estuary. It was 40 hours before the public was notified.

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Milking The Mayhem and Baiting For More:

24-04-2007 17:28

Inside The Mind of The Media

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Basic Income: Freedom for Every Individual

24-04-2007 17:27

Katya Kipping rightly characterizes basic income as a democracy package. Solving a material question and strengthining civil rights and personal autonomy are joined. With basic income, the individual even when weak is made a strong subject.

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Picnic, Planting & Pandemonium

24-04-2007 17:04

Join us for a day of creation and ‘exuberation’ in a secret sanctuary garden in Whitechapel where we will have a picnic, plant some seeds, and just make green a corner of this cold concrete city.

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One Third Of New Liverpool City Centre Flats Going To Waste!

24-04-2007 16:43

A piece in today's Liverpool Daily Post revealed that a staggering 35% of the newly-built apartments in Liverpool city centre are lying empty!

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Liverpool Festival Site Plan 'Will Ruin Prom Landscape'

24-04-2007 16:19

Liverpool’s landmark Garden Festival Site, the focus of a series of failed development plans over the years, has yet again become the centre of controversy and protest following the unannounced felling of more than 1,000 trees by property developers.

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Local elections bin backlash

24-04-2007 15:36

bins left in the street
There is expected to be a major bin backlash in the May local elections, with councillors who backed fortnightly waste collection kicked out of office.

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Prisoners revolt around Greece - ongoing story

24-04-2007 14:30

Ongoing story, check Athens indymedia for regular updates:

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Have a heart for the people seeking asylum:

24-04-2007 13:42

The sacred hoop of oneness
On Saturday 21st April 2007 there was a NO BORDERS protest against an asylum seekers prison that is planned to be built by the Home Office in Gatwick.
My own views on this state of affairs follows:

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A Review of Chris Hedges' American Fascists

24-04-2007 12:38

Christian Right efforts to make America a fascist theocracy

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Press Watchdog slammed by ‘Don’t Attack Iran’ Campaigners

24-04-2007 11:58

Press Complaints Commission fail to properly investigate alleged media bias against Iran.