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Bare-Back Mountain, analysis of sexual minstrelsy

07-01-2006 22:08

In fact, “Brokeback Mountain” is like Vaudeville where whites wore black face. Hollywood makes gays “acceptable” to the mainstream by ensuring only heterosexual actors play gay characters.

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Mohammed Arrian Protest

07-01-2006 21:46

Mohammad Arrian Keep Him Safe
There was a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday 7th January 2006 against the threatened deportation of Mohammed Arrian.

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The Terrorist Worker

07-01-2006 21:36

The appearance of working class New York in the media was possible only as innocent victims of a selfish and greedy strike by union workers. Yet, in a reversal that approaches absurdity, vulnerability to real poverty by missing a few days of work does not add to an argument against unions but shows the very real need for them.

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Newbury Bypass Ten Years On - (10yrs since work started - reunion)

07-01-2006 20:48

On Saturday 7th January around 60 people gathered at Middle Oak to remember the resistance against the Newbury Bypass (A34), and reveal the huge traffic growth that's come since.

It's ten years on Monday since the destruction of around 10,000 trees began in ernest, or rather should have done - back then protestors scored an early victory by blockading the entrance to the security compound with scaffolding tripods, thus ensuring no vehicles could leave. The start of work heralded the most full-on phase of the '3rd Battle of Newbury', Britain's biggest ever road protest, which saw over thirty different tree camps set up to oppose the road and around one thousand arrests.

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Demonstration for passports in Calais

07-01-2006 14:43

Here are two translated texts relating to the demo that took place in Calais on Wednesday 4th January which could be an important first step in recognising the misery that the borders erected in our name inflict on the victims of global politics

The first is the call before and the second a report in the national newspaper 'Liberation' the following day

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Stop Burning and Looting Traveller Homes

07-01-2006 14:24

A gap in new Government policy
allows UK local councils to continue
with impunity their hounding of Britain's
60,000 Travellers, according to a
report submitted this week to Deputy
Prime Minister John Prescott.

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07-01-2006 13:59

A weekly segment review of news and opinion
A weekly segment and review of news and opinion review of news and opinion, recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for seeing and listening at home.2 files-broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. The world.

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Sussex Police refuse to reveal costs and numbers involved in EDO MBM demo

07-01-2006 12:51

On 13 December 2005 I wrote to Kevin Moore of Sussex Police ( ) asking two questions about the policing of the EDO MBM demonstration in Brighton on 10 December 2005, under the terms of the FOIA. Here is the response from Brighton Police.

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Japanese whaling: the real pirates and terrorists in the Southern Ocean

07-01-2006 10:58

The Farley Mowat
The Japanese whalers have lost the public relations battle and scientific credibility on whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and have turned to vilification of Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
nb repost from Aotearoa IMC

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Haiti: $100,000 NED Grant to Batay Ouvriye- A

07-01-2006 07:19

Recently declassified National Endowment for Democracy (NED) documents reveal that a "leftist" workers' organization, Batay Ouvriye (BO), which promoted and called for the overthrow of the constitutionally elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was the targeted beneficiary of a US $99,965 NED grant routed through the AFL-CIO's American Center for International Solidarity (ACILS). Listed in NED's "Summary of Projects Approved in FY 2005" for Haiti, the grant states, "ACILS will work with the May 1st Union Federation- Batay Ouvriye [ESPM-BO] to train workers to organize and educate fellow workers."

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Asylum America: Bush’s Charade

07-01-2006 04:06

Pat Robertson, noted American Christian fundamentalist and mental deficient, claims that Ariel Sharon is being punished by God for “dividing” Israel. Pat Robertson remains in ‘care’ and is happy to reside in the most affluent psychiatric institution in the world, the USA!

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Canadian fans cheer Russians

07-01-2006 01:10

wonder why the canadians are upset with americans?

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Earthquake delegation. Incredible survival story exposes media apathy.

06-01-2006 22:30

Naqshah Bib in hospital in Rawalpindi.
For 64 days Naqshah Bib lay in the ruins of her kitchen. The earthquake flattened her house and the rest of the refugee town of Kamsar. She survived by drinking stream water that had trickled through the ruins, scraps of rotten food were found around her. She was discovered barely alive by her cousins and pulled from the rubble. Before being found she was just another of the many missing people from the town.

The nurses caring for her at Rawalpindi hospital are unsure of her chances. Her body has wasted and she is unable to communicate, barely aware of her surroundings. We don’t stay long, wishing her well and leaving some flowers. Her father who also survived has lost both his legs.

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Earth Quake Delegation. Kamsar refugee camp.

06-01-2006 22:21

The refugee town of Kamsar. Every building destroyed.
In 1990 during the war with India thousands of Muslim refugees crossed the border into Pakistan. For years they were kept in squalid refugee camps by the Pakistan military and paraded in front of the world’s media as a propaganda tool against the Indian government. Eventually they settled in a part of the Neelam Valley in a place near Musafrabad that came to be known as Kamsar. Then as if their luck couldn’t get any worse Kamsar turned out to be situated on the epicenter of the earthquake.

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Polish school attempts to crush nonconformism

06-01-2006 21:43

In line with other repression by president Kaczynski, a local school
in Lublin, Poland, is likely to expel student Krzysztof Kowalik for
sporting a radical hairstyle. Your fax/email support in a few quick,
polite sentences would greatly be appreciated by young activists in

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Jack Abramoff: Super Zionist

06-01-2006 21:37

The media has been strangely silent on the ultimate destination of all of this money gained through criminal activity. The Zionists repeatedly claim - without evidence - that Arab charities fund "terrorism", in order to stop people from sending aid to the people they are oppressing, but right here, we have proof that criminal activity in the US funds illegal Zionist activity in Palestine.

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German supreme court rules police action against nuclear opponents illegal

06-01-2006 21:16

When more than four years ago police detained a woman protesting against transportation of nuclear waste for more than 22 hours, they were breaking the law, Germany’s supreme court has ruled. The Federal Constitutional Court was passing judgment on a complaint by Martina Lammers, chair of The Greens organisation in the north German county of Lüchow-Dannenberg where a nuclear waste storage hall is located at Gorleben.

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Galloway and Big Brother

06-01-2006 20:13

What is going on with the world?

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Corn Exchange Dispersal Order: Meeting

06-01-2006 19:11

There will be a meeting about the Corn exchange Dispersal Order tomorrow.

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rampART tube strike solution

06-01-2006 16:15

This sunday the 8th is the second London Anarchist Assembly, taking part this time at the rampART social centre. It takes place from 3pm till 6pm and is followed by the second tube strike in the current disputes.

To help solve the problem, rampART is offering overnight accommodation for people attending the assembly and there will be music and perhaps films after the assembly so nobody should get too bored is they hang about.