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Cologne: police arrests some 300 noborder-campistas

09-08-2003 22:13

blue silver action on thursday
[Cologne, 22:30h] Some 300 people in the camp are being brought tonight to the prisoners collection place in Cologne - Bruehl. These are the people who refused being id-checked and filmed/photographed.

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TESCO tags Cambridge shoppers

09-08-2003 21:25

A group of concerned residents informed shoppers at TESCO in Cambridge today that they may be part of an experiment. When customers pick a pack of Gillette razor blades off the shelf, they will be tagged with an electronic device. Not only that. The hidden chip communicates with a camera system that stores your picture in a database!

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EZLN event in Oventik.

09-08-2003 20:16

Today in Oventik, Aguascalientes of the Chiapas comunities in resistence, it is being celebrated the birth of the zapatist Caracoles as gathering and dialogue space between the mexican and the international civil societies and the zapatist movement.

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A-radio 100,3 Mhz FM radio, Helsinki at midnight tonight

09-08-2003 19:51

United Resistance

Tonight A-radio

News, information, analyzes...resistance
Defending free speech
Fighting back the corporate media and the corporate policestate

100,3 Mhz FM radio
Broadcasted from Helsinki tonight on Saturday at 24:00(midnight)
local time


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Cologne: brutal police attack against no border camp

09-08-2003 19:07

In Cologne today, the police encircled the camp and stopped everybody from leaving or entering the no border camp from 11 a.m. onwards. At 6 p.m. riot cops started to check the identity and photograph the activists remaining in the camp. There were several injuries and brutal arrests.

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Home Office Disappears Another Family

09-08-2003 17:38

The Trumci family were woken up At Oakington Detention Centre this morning at 4AM. They were then taken to Stansted Airport in London and deported back to Kosovo against their will. Removed from their home in West London and brought to Oakington in Cambridgeshire early on Sunday, they had been warned that sometime this week they might be deported. It has been a long week.

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Less-Lethal Weapons 2003 Conference

09-08-2003 17:34

"The Less-Lethal Weapons (LLW) Conference 2003 has been developed specifically for today's police and military leaders who must apply force to manage rapidly unfolding operational situations where time is short, the facts are unclear and lives are at stake."

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Repression: German Police attacks No Border Camp in Cologne

09-08-2003 17:28

he German Cops are trying to attack the "Grenzcamp"/No Border Camp in Cologne, the Camp should go until sunday, since tomorrow nobody is allowed to leave the camp, they interruppted internet/phone connection and for a few hours also the water supply. At the moment it seams, as if they want to attack the camp once again. in the afternoon 50 fascists demonstrated against the camp. at the moment 400 people are on the camp, a few hundreds around the camp, 23:00h a manifestation against police brutality will happen.

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saudi 6 vs guantanomo 9

09-08-2003 14:35

Six convicted killers are repatriated back to britain and our media hails them as innocents yet not so far away Nine thus far innocent detainees are vilified as crimianls deserving of the death sentence .. why ?

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Cologne No Border Camp Attacked

09-08-2003 13:32

The noborder-camp in in cologne, germany has been surrounded by heavy police forces the press group reports that the water has been cut off (temperatures are around 40° celsius / 100 (?) fahrenheit) temporarily people are being chased, teargassed and taken into cutsody inside the camp injuries are reported todays anti racist demonstration was thwarted

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social cleansing!

09-08-2003 13:10

Central government working with local government agencies intenf d to social cleanse innercity areas of tenants to increase ownwer occupiers.

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09-08-2003 12:48

Renowned international Trident Ploughshares activist, Ulla Roder, who was arrested on March 10th for disarming a Tornado jet at RAF Leuchars, has been released from prison on unconditional bail.

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Europe architectural students demand US help make world more sustainable

09-08-2003 10:29

largest representation and gathering of architectural students in Europe are petitioning George Bush to change US energy policy and support the Kyoto agreement

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Geek Aid for Africa

09-08-2003 10:05

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Revolution is not an AOL Keyword

09-08-2003 10:03

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the latest on surveillance Robots

09-08-2003 10:02

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"Doomed or Dumbed?"

09-08-2003 09:56

This article is a commentary on modern culture and the direction of humanity in the light of current events. It attempts to address and question the reasons why our species is unable to address its challenges constructively, in particular in the western world. It is also an appeal for greater unity.

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Nuremberg Documents now online

09-08-2003 09:48

only a million to look through!

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It. EU Proposal - unmarked cars to deport migrants / terminating resistance

09-08-2003 08:48

Statewatch press release, 8 August 2003