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Leeds Underground Film Fest-6 November- Full Programme

03-11-2004 13:04

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- another free screening of Leeds Underground Film Festival

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Iraq: The Danger of The Triangle of Death.

03-11-2004 12:05

I have spent time in the "Triangle of Death" and have suffered great personal tragedy there. I cannot express how deeply I am opposed to the deployment of British troops to that area. I hope that the following piece will enlighten people to some Iraqi's opinions, as well as my own. In my view it is a political deployment, and it's about time our military "boys" acted like the big "men" that they claim to be, and stop getting pushed around by our politicians.

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Help, from this morning....

03-11-2004 11:38

From this very morning Indymedia Italy is not....

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Stop Attacks on Iraq's cities - Events

03-11-2004 10:41

The US has started - and is planning to widen - a campaign of assaults of Iraq's cities which may cause more civilian casulties than the invasion. An attack on Fallujha is imminent. Here are some events and contigency plans, in London and Manchester.

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Religious extremists target women as Iraq chaos grows

03-11-2004 10:37

A report from the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) about attacks on women by religious extremists. For more information on OWFI, see their website at No, folks, not all Iraqis or Moslems are saints, any more than we are. With this level of violence and chaos in a country, there will always be wolves who roam and attack at will (eileen)

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Anti war protester scales downing street gates

03-11-2004 10:14

A small group of us met up yesterday and carried some pretty damn successful direct action around central london raising awareness about the imminent attacks on iraqi cities, the actions next Sunday and getting petitions signed.

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Anti-War Protester Arrested In Foreign Office Protest

03-11-2004 10:09

An anti-war protester has been arrested outside the Foreign Office in
Whitehall in a dramatic visual protest against the imminent attacks on

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Who's counting the dead in Fallujah? CARE?

03-11-2004 04:39

The killing of 100,000 innocent men, women and children in Iraq to date should be enough for others who CARE. People not sure of the legality, validity and rational for their killing should understand the alleged demon Saddam Hussain wasn't worth the sacrifice of those innocent people. Does anyone CARE about this dead baby?

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More photos of the Laing O'Rourke Workers Dispute - Solidarity Still Needed

03-11-2004 02:02

Get out of bed bright and early this Friday and get down to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Site, Phoenix Road, NW1, 7am to support the workers' sit in protest there

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Leeds Social Centre Update Meeting

03-11-2004 01:44

Update on Leeds Social Centre

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Bush wins!

03-11-2004 01:02

News just coming in now... George W. Bush has achieved a land slide victory, winning the vote for the president most lampooned and most hated around the world.

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Laing Workers Sit-In Strike This Friday - Solidarity Protest!

03-11-2004 00:46

Construction Workers at the Channel Tunnel Rail Link need as many people to come down and support their action this Friday! Show management that they will not be intimidated into accepting exploitation wages and conditions! Get out of bed and get yourselves down there this friday....

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Indymedia solidarity action in Grenoble, France

02-11-2004 23:46

An italian bank has been targetted by the "pirate paint" group, as a solidarity-action towards Indymedia, against the seizure of its hard-disks. This is a press-release claiming responsability for the action.

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ROGUE SEEKERS - the asylum phantom

02-11-2004 22:45

by Old St. roundabout
In this chilling exclusive, Richard Biggot reveals how Britain’s very way of life is under attack from invaders who masquerade as “genuine” refugees from countries of war, dictatorship and other privations.

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Home Office refuses to comment on IMC server seizure

02-11-2004 22:44

The Home Office refuses to comment on the seizure of the Indymedia servers in this letter dated 27th October 2004 from Caroline Flint MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, the minister responsible for international crime, in a response to a question from MP Glenda Jackson, CBE.

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Holocaust survivor blown up

02-11-2004 22:29

Among the victims of the latest attack in Israel was holocaust survivor Leah Levin.

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Oxford Public Meeting on new animal lab

02-11-2004 22:15

A public meeting is being held on Thursday, 4th November at 7pm in Oxford Town Hall to discuss the new animal labs being built by the University on South Parks Road in the city. Entrance is free to all.

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Ethnic Cleansing Drive in Britain

02-11-2004 22:12

Borehamwood Borough Council, whose domain includes the world-famous Elstree film studious, is about to spend 250,000 Euro in an ethnic-cleansing operation against nomadic families living on their own land in the district.

But they won't be doing the dirty work themselves. Hired for the job is a company called Constant & Co., which boasts that it carries out a hundred such "move-ons" every month.

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Not just waiting for Bush to lose

02-11-2004 21:59

About the global consequenses of the US presidential election - We can not forget that Bush is a international war criminal!