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Religious extremists target women as Iraq chaos grows

OWFI via Jo Wilding (posted by eileen) | 03.11.2004 10:37 | Gender | Repression | Oxford

A report from the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) about attacks on women by religious extremists. For more information on OWFI, see their website at No, folks, not all Iraqis or Moslems are saints, any more than we are. With this level of violence and chaos in a country, there will always be wolves who roam and attack at will (eileen)

This has come from the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq, a group I
met while in Baghdad. I've written about them on a few occasions and wanted
to pass this on.

Communiqué of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq on: Criminal
acts committed by Islamists during the month of Ramadan against Women in
and the Rejection and Resistance of Women against Islamic Terrorism.

Terrorist acts against women in Iraq by Islamic groups have increased
dramatically in recent months and reached an unprecedented level under the
rubric of "observing sanctities during Ramadan." A fascist Islamic group
called "Mujahideen Shura Group" has warned that it will kill any women who
are seen on street unveiled whether by themselves or with a male companion!

In the northern city of Mosul, Christian women are targets of a killing,
kidnapping and rape campaign. One such barbaric crime took place in this
city where two women were kidnapped and raped by multiple men and then were
sold as female slaves to another group of men. They were again raped
repeatedly for four days
before they managed to escape!

In the city of Falluja, at the Mujahideen congress held on October 20,2004,
the Islamic criminal Abdulla al-Janabi and Falluja's Shura Council gave a
(religious decree) that Mujahideen fighters should rape girls at age 10
before they are raped by Americans!

Scores of university girls have been beaten up, often severely, for wearing
jeans or for not wearing hijab (Islamic veil). Women who go to hair
dressing salons are frequently attacked by Islamists and their hair is cut
in a public display of shaming.

Thousands of leaflets are distributed across the country everyday warning
women against going out unveiled, putting on make up, shaking hands or
mixing with men. More than 1000 female university students have taken leave
of their studies to protect themselves against the terrorism of Islamists.
They kidnap women in the name of "resistance" and only release them after
receiving thousands of dollars in ransom for each woman! They kidnap Iraqi
foreign women alike. Margaret Hassan, a British woman known for her help
and service to the Iraqi people for over three decades was taken hostage by
an Islamic
terrorist groups asking for millions of dollars in ransom, otherwise she
will be killed like other foreigners.

Today, with the absence of any form of state in Iraq, the terrorist
Islamists are seeking to implement their medieval laws through fear and
horror. They have come
to Iraq with slogans and banners holding signs of swords dripping blood.
They are striving to Islamicize Iraqi society through terror. Everyday
they are killing Christians, university academics and lecturers, secular
personalities, youth, children and any other creature moving on the ground!

This is the benefit of the liberation that the US government has brought to
the Iraqi masses. The only true benefit has come to the Islamic terrorist
groups, which are free to attack, and kill women!

Women in Iraq and the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq expose these
forces, which try to delude people by posing as "resistance" to the US
The Islamic movement has made it clear that even if the US forces are
expelled or withdraw from Iraq , they will declare Jihad against any
secular government! They want to establish a Caliphate (Islamic government)
where women are will be set back by 1400 years! The Islamic terrorists have
come with their bayonets directed at women in Iraq.

We must stand up to the groups of Islamic terrorism in Iraq. There is no
other alternative.

OWFI via Jo Wilding (posted by eileen)


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