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internet voting trial in Cheshire

28-04-2002 11:07

Who will hack it first?

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Sicko Japanese press for whaling resumption

28-04-2002 10:52

they can f_ck off

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World Naturism Day stopped in UK

28-04-2002 10:33

British nudists left out in the cold

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HLS demo in Norfolk

28-04-2002 10:24

Three held during animal rights demo

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bournemouth canabis cafe busted

28-04-2002 10:11


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Robert King Wilkerson - UK Speaking Tour

28-04-2002 09:30

Prison activist and former Black Panther, Robert King Wilkerson, will be speaking in a number of places throughout the UK over the coming weeks.

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Film making now illegal (?)

28-04-2002 09:17

On Friday afternoon the Anarchist Historical Re-enactment Society (or AHRS – pronounced “Arse”) staged a re-enactment of the attack by police of the Womble 7 on Oxford St last Halloween in the style of the Surveillance Camera Players. They were attacked by police.

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situation in long beach; repression continues to intensify

28-04-2002 08:14

The situation in Long Beach is becoming incredibly intense. The repression is coming down harder than ever.

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We need an alternative to the SWP

28-04-2002 08:06

The left has a problem

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Bayer AGM action photos

28-04-2002 07:57

Bayer AGM action photos
Photos from Bayer AGM Action (article 1)

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Update: International Artists Appeal, Boycott Israeli Art Institutions

28-04-2002 03:05

180 signers already, including a few Israelis. Please pass on... It seems that at this stage translation and distributions in more languages would help

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so important it's pretty

28-04-2002 02:01

an array of information that attempts to articulate why, exactly, there is no honour in carrying a gun for your job

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Video of Pink Castle

27-04-2002 23:39

Whatch the video, more peopul please.

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Fascist Refusal To Be Accountable

27-04-2002 23:24

Editorial of the April 28 issue of People's Democracy, newspaper of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), India's third largest party.

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27-04-2002 22:09

How to make this vital piece of equipment and why

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Squall Update Service

27-04-2002 18:33

after much creative construction and problem solving - SQUALL is both
pleased and relieved to announce the long awaited, brand spanking new,
SQUALL website.
- a freshly re-designed forum for radical quality journalism and

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More Police monitoring

27-04-2002 18:25

Police Harrassment at Conway Hall

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Oxford Palestine solidarity march

27-04-2002 18:14

Oxford Palestine solidarity march
oxford Palestine Solidarity -and pic.

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Bolivian anti-globalization leader receives environmental award in S.F.

27-04-2002 17:26

By Chris O'Brien
Mercury News