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Brighton talk by anarchist writer

12-09-2013 09:45

Anarchist writer Paul Cudenec will be giving a talk at the Cowley Club in Brighton on the evening of Wednesday September 25.

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The Shortest Path to Peace in Syria

12-09-2013 05:32

Israel, protected by what President Barak Obama repeatedly describe as the “unshakable” support of the United States, is still maintaining its military occupation of the Golan as a “bargaining chip” to enforce upon Syria, irrespective of the regime and who is ruling in Damascus, the fait accompli which was created forcefully by the creation of the State of Israel in Palestine in 1948.

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Trial of anti-road protestor Emily Johns

11-09-2013 20:33

Trial of anti-road protestor - and Combe Haven Defenders - Emily Johns, arrested during Operation Disclosure in April:

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Climate & Fukushima Round Up

11-09-2013 19:18

Where Are We Really? Radio Ecoshock returns. Analysis of climate by Paul Beckwith, U of Ottawa. Arnie Gundersen updates Fukushima leaks and radioactive plume in the Pacific. Radio Ecoshock 130911 1 hour.

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Tower Hamlets

11-09-2013 17:26

It could have been better, it could have been worse!

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New from the North East Anti Fascists

11-09-2013 15:08

A new graphic for you all to copy, share, spread, attach, insert etc to support the Tower Hamlets 286

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DSEi Arm's Dealers Dinner Critical Mass - Details for Thursday

11-09-2013 13:46

Meet 5pm at Bank Junction. Bring noise, colour, contempt. Spread the word!

We will be riding to the arms dealers dinner on Thurs 12 Sept.

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EDL Photographer who published photos of AFN Bloc

11-09-2013 12:08

This is the creep who published photos of AFN people on the Tower Hamlets Bloc. He lives on facebook here:

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UK and U.S. intelligence reports on Syria chemical attack based on Facebook and

11-09-2013 08:01

Is it OK for UK and US intelligence to use facebook and youtube data for official reports?
Or it's just unprofessional work

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Mass arrest – an abuse of power

10-09-2013 08:23

Police filming a kettle

The arrest of 286 antifascists demonstrating against the presence of the English Defence League in East London on Saturday is another example of what seems to be a growing trend in public order policing – the mass arrest of people participating in unauthorised marches, rallies and processions.

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Catholic Worker provides a speed bump on Obama &Kerry's Highway to Hell in Syria

09-09-2013 22:47

"If they come for the innocent without stepping over your body
cursed be your religion and your life"
- Phil Berrigan R.I.P.
WW2 combat veteran, Plowshares movement founder & anti-Vietnam War resister.

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Bristol Defendant Solidarity statement on government “proposals” for legal aid.

09-09-2013 18:38

“Transforming legal aid: delivering a more credible and efficient system” says the government... Bullshit.

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Threat to Balcombe Camp

09-09-2013 18:12

Balcombe Community Protection Camp has been given a letter by West Sussex Council demanding they to leave by 9am tomorrow morning or the council will start legal proceedings to get them removed. See photo. This is not a court order but there is no guarantee that the Police will not try something tomorrow. Please go down if you can esp legal observers/cameras

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Heavy manners in Tower Hamlets

09-09-2013 16:55

The EDL are being very quiet about their latest failure this morning. Yesterday a pitiful 600 of their foot soldiers turned up for their latest “big one”, a demonstration that never had a chance of getting to Tower Hamlets. “Top boy” Tiny Tommy was arrested (to be debriefed by his handlers no doubt) at the end of the demo and several of the cannon fodder were nicked for carrying offensive weapons and fighting the police. Over a thousand people attended an anti-fascist rally at Altab Ali park and several hundred marched off in defiance of police restrictions. A group of over 100 actually made it to the EDL’s route before being kettled. Despite all of their macho bravado, the EDL were easily contained by the police but anti-fascists were much more effective.

The EDL is obsessed with the London borough, home to the East London Mosque and a large Muslim population. The last time they tried to go to Tower Hamlets, in 2011, they had 1,500 marchers on their side. Locals and anti-fascists made sure that they did not pass. This time the police drafted in a massive 3,000 officers to make sure that everything was locked down and resorted to the extremist tactic of arresting all 240 anti-fascists who were kettled near Tower Bridge and on Commercial Road. The charge? Disobeying the police!

Meanwhile, some fascist Leicester Casuals were also getting nicked. They’d decided to venture into the belly of the beast, the “no go area for whites” they’re always fantasising about and trying to control their terror as they passed the East London Mosque. Apparently, all the Muslim youth did was “chomped at us in some far away bongo bongo language” which they reckoned was a massive show of cowardice. Clearly disappointed that no one gave a fuck about them they were relieved to be bundled to safety by the police.

It was also a bad day for Craig Elliot, leader of the Leicester EDL who provides the sound system for EDL demos. He was arrested and held till midnight although he was cautious about saying what for. That will be one to look out for in the coming months.

In summary then, it was a very bad day for the EDL. The “Rigby bounce” has already been squandered, probably because more ordinary people who were duped into coming to their events have worked out what a bunch of racist losers they are and moved on. The turnout was very poor for a much-hyped national demo. They failed to go to Tower Hamlets for a second time. A much bigger and better organised anti-fascist movement turned out to oppose them and did a better job of challenging the police lockdown. The leadership were put under more police pressure with strategic arrests and late night chats in the cells. The EDL ship has no direction and is floundering.

Well done to the Anti-Fascist Network, South London Anti-Fascists and London Anti-Fascists for their great work in mobilising for the day! Solidarity with all anti-fascists arrested under police state laws! And great work by the Green & Black Cross who did some late night legal support for the arrested comrades.

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The DSEI Arms Fair: World's Despots Descend on London Courtesy of UK Taxpayers

09-09-2013 15:31

Private security firms, despotic regimes and the rest of the military industrial complex will converge on the Excel Centre in London this week, for the DSEI (Defence Systems and Equipment International) Arms Fair. This meeting is like Market Day for the warmongers of the world, and the taxpayer is picking up the bill.

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Made Possible by Squatting Archive Opens Tonite!!

09-09-2013 11:42

Made Possible by Squatting
9th-16th September 2013
Dock Street, London, E1 8JN
Exhibition// Archive// Workshops

!!Opening Night 5pm-11pm Monday 9th September Live Music & Performance!!

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Bristol Green Cllr under Fire Over Bedroom Tax Evictions

09-09-2013 10:32

Emergency No Evictions Picket of the Council. Council House, College Green, Bristol, Tuesday 10 September at 5 pm

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DSEI Arms Fair ‘Critical Mass’ and Blockade – report and pics

08-09-2013 23:12

On the first day of action against the biennial DSEI arms fair at Excel in Newham, protestors can claim some victory after blocking one of the two entrances for four hours, and causing disruption at the other gate for a couple of hours, seriously affecting the first of two get-in days before the official opening on Tuesday. There were more than a dozen arrests and some scuffles during the afternoon.

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Hands Off Syria

08-09-2013 22:27

URGENT CALL OUT John Kerry is at the UK Foreign office 9th September

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One Town, Many Events for World Peace Day in Wrexham

08-09-2013 21:39

2013 flyer

21 September is World Peace Day. The occasion has been marked in Wrexham for a number of years, starting in a small way with a service at the Catholic Cathedral and picnics for peace in town, and has grown year on year.

For 2013, there is a full programme of six events for peace over three days organised by various groups.