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One Town, Many Events for World Peace Day in Wrexham

Wrexham Peace Day Group | 08.09.2013 21:39 | Anti-militarism | Education | Free Spaces | Wales | World

21 September is World Peace Day. The occasion has been marked in Wrexham for a number of years, starting in a small way with a service at the Catholic Cathedral and picnics for peace in town, and has grown year on year.

For 2013, there is a full programme of six events for peace over three days organised by various groups.

2013 flyer
2013 flyer

2013 flyer
2013 flyer

2012: children working on Hands Up for Peace map of the world
2012: children working on Hands Up for Peace map of the world

2012: Hands Up for Peace!
2012: Hands Up for Peace!

2012: Peace Day on Library Field
2012: Peace Day on Library Field

2012: Free food and info stalls on Library Field
2012: Free food and info stalls on Library Field

2012: Stalls and craft
2012: Stalls and craft

2012: Stalls
2012: Stalls

2012: Music
2012: Music

2012: Remember the child victims of war
2012: Remember the child victims of war


In 2012, individuals and groups across Wrexham came together to celebrate three days for peace, with a schools day hosted by St. Christopher's School on 20 Sept. and involving ten local primary and senior schools, followed by a multi-faith service, two days of live music, info. stalls, shared food and activities on the Library field (Llwyn Isaf) and evening gigs on 21 and 22 Sept.

Reports from previous events

2013: Peace Education in Wrexham Schools - This week, Palestine
2012: Three Days for Peace in Wrexham plus flickr set of photos
Children reflect on 2012 Peace Day (flickr set of photos)
2012: Preparing for Peace with Wrexham Schoolchildren
2012: Wrexham Peace Day announcement
2011: Report from Wrexham Peace Day
2011: Photo Report from Wrexham Peace Day
2011: Wrexham Peace Day announcement
Photos from earlier Peace Day events in this flickr set and this one


All events are FREE.

(1) Thu 19 Sep, 7pm at Trinity Church, King Street.

An evening with former SAS soldier Ben Griffin: "SAS Soldier to Veteran for Peace"

Hear Ben Griffin talk about his experiences in the SAS that led him to refuse to return to Iraq, leave the military and go on to establish the first UK chapter of Veterans for Peace.

Organised by Wrexham Christian Peace Group

(2) Fri 20 September, 10am - 2.15pm at St. Christopher's School.

Schools Peace Day

With talks, workshop sessions and activities on a peace theme for primary and secondary age children. Following a peace assembly, sessions will cover topics such as conflict resolution, militarism and childhood, conscientious objectors, war resisters, food serving peace, poetry for peace, singing for peace, art, craft and gift economy. The children will make a 'Hands Up for Peace' rainbow collage of their decorated handshapes.

Organised by Wrexham Peace Day Group in conjunction with St. Christopher's School

(3) Sat 21 September, midday in Queens Square.

Service for Peace, for those of all faiths and none
Opened and closed by Wrexham Community Choir

Supported by Tangnefedd

(4) Sat 21 September, 12.30pm until early evening on the Library Field (Llwyn Isaf)

World Peace Day Event

Live music throughout the afternoon with the launch of Heal the Last Stand's new single on Everybody Wants Peace Records: "The Gathering". Other performers to include The Scene, Terminal, Tiny Wooden Angels, Keith Astbury and Americo Lima (Portugal) and others. Artists are welcome to turn up on the day and sing a song for peace, read a poem etc.

Bring veggie food to share for a Peace Picnic with the Yum Yum Project. Bring items you no longer have use for (and find some new ones) on the Give and Take/New2You/Freeconomy Wrexham sharing stall. Join in meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and have a holistic therapy with the Yum Yum Project and friends. Find out about issues of peace and justice around the world at our information tables.

Organised by the Wrexham Peace Day Group, including Heal the Last Stand, Brendan Griffiths, the Yum Yum Project, Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum, Wrexham Diocese Faith, Justice and Peace Network and others.

(5) Sat 21 September, from midday, Bellevue Park

Peace Music and BBQ: Goodbye Summer

Featuring Tiny Wooden Angels, Vesper, Left at the East Gate, Saltwater Injection, Orient Machine and Mother of Six.

Organised by Poland-Wales Cultural Society "Cymrades"

(6) Sat 21 September, from 9pm until late, The Commercial Pub, College Street

After show party with Heal the Last Stand and Friends

Everyone's welcome to the after show party with live bands to include The Fag Machine, Mise En Scene (Canada), Secateurs; also Too Many JDs.

Organised by Brendan Griffiths.

Thoughts from some of those involved in organising Peace Day events in Wrexham

Brendan Griffiths, music promoter and member of the Peace Day Group, who has organised the live music for the World Peace Day events on the Library Field and in the Commercial:

"World Peace Day is important for me as it allows people from all walks of life come together and think about a subject that is universally important: peace."
Maria Pizzoni, member of the group organising the Service for Peace and the Peace Day Group:
"The events and people wanting to be involved in organising them have grown over the past few years, which probably shows what people feel about peace in our world. We've opened up the service this year to include something for people of no faith who want their hopes expressed too. People are tired of war and conflict and this peace day gives us the opportunity to look forward in hope."
Katie Saxby, member of the Peace Day Group and involved in planning Peace Days:
"I feel it is wonderful that we come together in Wrexham for Peace Day each year, as a gathering together of individuals and groups that do choose peace, a celebration of all who are working towards peace…in our everyday lives and in the rest of the world, with an invitation for everyone to join us."
Genny Bove, member of Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum and the Peace Day Group, who has been involved in organising the Schools Peace Day and World Peace Day on the Library Field as well as talks and workshops in Wrexham schools during the summer term:
"In a time of endless war driven by a desire for control of the Earth's resources and the relentless pursuit of profit without regard for human life, wildlife or the planet, hope for a more peaceful future lies with ordinary people engaging with questions of peace and justice both locally and globally. World Peace Day in Wrexham is a local response to the global celebration of peace and global call for an end to war. It's very encouraging that there are so many events marking the day in Wrexham this year."

Thanks to Cynefin y Werin and the Co-operative Community Fund for supporting this work.

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