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Strikes, Bosses Attacked, and Fist Fighting with British Soldiers - Basra Report

05-12-2003 21:45

Written early November, apologies for the late posting, piece was originally meant for Red Pepper Dec Issue


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Close surveillance of Campsfield protest

05-12-2003 19:08

On Saturday 29 November, over 200 people from all over the country gathered for a demonstration outside Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre, the scene of frequent protests, hunger strikes and a riot, to mark its 10th anniversary.

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Do you speak Quangoese? Then join the NW Regional Assembly!

05-12-2003 17:59

Spotted by a Bristol Indymedia reader, this from yesterday's Guardian : job advert for a 'Programme Support Officer', based in Wigan.

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Council implements drink ban

05-12-2003 17:51

Last night, Cambridge City Council agreed to introduce a bye-law which is intended to "control anti-social behaviour arising from the drinking of alcohol in our public places". The bye-law will give police the power to "stop people from drinking alcohol in public places if they are causing, or are likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to other members of the public." Police will also be able to confiscate alcohol and impose a fine in the event of non co-operation.

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Growing evidence of CIA involvement in Georgia coup?

05-12-2003 17:50

The initial euphoria that people power toppled a corrupt regime in Georgia is giving way to deep unease. From a position of skepticism, there appears to be growing evidence that it was a CIA coup. Or at least the CIA helped push it in a direction commensurate with US interests.

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05-12-2003 17:10

Peace Party for Campaign Against Arms Trade (

Seaside Tribe ( are attempting to raise the profile of the small pressure group CAAT. By organising creative parties with a political message we hope to raise the level of awareness to many party people. On Friday 12th Dec we shall donate all profits to this worthy cause.

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No One Is Illegal Stop Deprotations

05-12-2003 16:53


Yesterday at 3pm in central London, outside of Victoria tube station
something happened which I have not seen before. Almost 40 police officers
and immigration services officers standing in a massive line, with
sniffing dogs detaining, searching, and stopping people. At first I was
not sure about what I had seen, but as soon as I realized the only people
who were being stopped were people of colour, especially Arabs, and South
Asians it was either about stopping asylum seekers or "terrorists".

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SERBIA&MONTENEGRO: Conscientious objector arrested by military police

05-12-2003 16:34

WRI Logo
A conscientious objector was arrested by Serbian military police today.

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Please Help!!! Free Mario Bango

05-12-2003 15:54

Free Mario

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Space Invaders - coming to a squat near you!

05-12-2003 15:47

On Sunday at 8pm, the Pandemonium Theatre Collective will be performing their excellent and very amusing play "Space Invaders" at the upcoming A-Spire squat.

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13.12. European Action Day against Cuts!

05-12-2003 15:42

Student strikers in France and Germany ask uk-groups for support. European action day against cuts in education and neoliberalism in general on December 13th. Students in Germany and France on strikes for 4 weeks, ministerial offices occupied. German trade unions call members out on 13th. Factory walk outs spreading in Germany.

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!!! we seize mutant ninja direct action !!!

05-12-2003 14:54

'we seize!' logo on the town hall
Yesterday evening a crack team of mutant ninja media subversives stormed Sheffield City Centre to highlight next week's United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and, in particular, the counter-summit actions collectively known as 'We Seize!'.

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EU Racism Watchdog Finds Many Pro-Palestinian Groups Are Anti-Semitic

05-12-2003 13:56

The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) found that most incidents of anti-Semitism were perpetrated by pro-Palestinian groups and Muslim Arabs in Europe.
The report was not published by the EU, because the troubling conclusions were considered potentially "inflammatory".

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negativity about deprived housing estates

05-12-2003 13:07

On the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's campaign to defend deprived housing estates in East central Scotland from estate agents being negative about people moving into them. On an experience of such negativity that I had with the police, as a result of which rent and mortgages no longer constitutionally exist.

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Kissinger to Military Dictators: "We want You to Suceed"

05-12-2003 10:21

Kissinger during the Dirty War in Argentina to the Military Junta:"We Want You To Succeed"

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MIAMI: Giving Hospitality Under Siege.

05-12-2003 05:31

It was Thursday the week of FTAA protests in Miami and if
the clocks didn't strike thirteen they sure should've.

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Anti Terror Phone Line - Open For Business

05-12-2003 03:15

Bureau Of Inverse Technology(BIT) ENGINEERS REPORT the Antiterror line has concluded public testing and is ready for use. This service enables every phone [home/cell/booth] to act as a networked microphone. For collecting live audio data on civil liberty infringements and other anti-terror events.