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Italian activists face trial for Genoa G8 riots

corporate article | 05.12.2003 10:00 | Genoa | Globalisation | Repression


Italian activists face trial for Genoa G8 riots

ROME, Dec. 3
An Italian court on Wednesday ordered 25 anti-capitalist activists to stand trial for rioting and looting during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001 where one protester was killed in violent clashes with police.
The first court hearing was set for March 2, 2004, judicial officials in Genoa said. The activists are charged with looting, damaging property, resisting arrest, carrying explosive materials and robbery. The decision, which comes after more than two years of mutual accusations of extreme violence by police and protesters, is expected to spark protests from Italy's ''no-global'' movement. During the three-day G8 summit in July 2001, hundreds of demonstrators were hurt, some seriously, in pitched street battles with police who used tear gas and water cannon to keep them away from the main venue where leaders from the Group of Eight leading industrialised nations were meeting. Protesters also hurled rocks and some set cars and buildings on fire and about 300 people were arrested during rioting that left the port city looking like a war zone. One protester was shot and killed by a policeman.
The policeman was not charged in the incident after prosecutors said he had fired the fatal bullet in self-defence. He shot 23-year-old Carlo Giuliani as the demonstrator tried to throw a fire extinguisher into his police jeep. Some 73 policemen and officials are still being investigated for violence but no trials have been ordered for them.

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