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South Africa calls for investigations into violations of Geneva Conventions

21-05-2009 19:36

It has been left to South Africa to call for investigations into violations of Geneva Conventions in the recent conflict, as the western world appears, atleast, to procrastinate.

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Appeal for release of Doctors arrested by Sri Lankan Gov't

21-05-2009 19:27

The whereabouts of Medical Superintendent Dr. Shanmugarajah who was attending the wounded at the makeshift hospital at Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal junior school, Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) doctors, Dr. Varatharajah and Dr Sathiyamoorthy, arrested by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) after fleeing the Safety Zone Saturday, are still unknown, and several Rights groups feared for doctors' lives, sources in Colombo said. The same applies to 12 ICRC workers who tirelessly served the wounded civilians including hundreds of children with the very minimal medical help and medicines and under continuous bombardment.

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UEA involved in carbon offsetting

21-05-2009 18:50

UEA is investing in carbon trading and carbon offsetting research

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Youth for Human Rights International World Tour 2009

21-05-2009 17:38

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is again circling the globe, now on its sixth annual World Tour. The exciting World Tour 2009 includes Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Columbia, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Timor-Leste and Uganda.

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NETCU's SOCPA failure

21-05-2009 15:16

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU) have suffered a major blow in a hard-fought attempt to throw the book at four campaigners facing charges under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA). The prosecution, involving numerous experts, several police forces and, according to one source, up to a million pounds in legal costs, was part of NETCU's ongoing attack on the animal rights movement and criminalisation of activists linked to the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Campaign (SHAC). During the prosecution, it has become apparent that the police, terrified that the anti-vivisection movement might claim a success, have intervened to prop up a rabbit breeder on the verge of closing down.

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21-05-2009 14:58
"SURVEILLANCE STATES: Government spying, civil liberties and the "special relationship": The American Civil Liberties Union, PEN American Center and Statewatch invite you to join experts from the US and UK at Garden Court Chambers on 31 May 2009 for a discussion of mass surveillance, its implications, and challenges to government policy and practice.

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Government Critics to be Sent to Mental Asylums?

21-05-2009 14:24

Government Critics to be Sent to Mental Asylums?

"May 20, 2009
Mr X, who had called Jacqui Smith a communist, was stunned to be told that the GP had received a letter from the highly secretive Fixated Threat Assessment Centre following instructions from the Home Secretary herself."

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Palestine Today 052109

21-05-2009 14:24


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday May 21st 2009.

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May 22-24 African Liberation Day conference in Washington, DC and Manchester, UK

21-05-2009 13:56

This weekend Africans from across the U.S. and Canada will converge on Washington, DC while Africans across Europe gather in Manchester, England for simultaneous conferences recognizing African Liberation Day with the theme, “One Africa, One Nation: Separated by Colonial Slavery, Reunited by Revolutionary Resistance!”

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Birmingham Pride

21-05-2009 13:41

Birmingham Pride
I've just come across the following piece on the BBC site. A slightly different take on the usual reporting of a dragged up Pride. An interesting read, I agree Pride is becoming too commercial and a calendar date like music festivals, there isn't much left about lgbt struggles. This idea that we should brush the political element of Pride aside because 'times have changed' is absurd. We still have battles to fight all over the world. Gay marriage in America, persecution in Iran and Zimbabwe. Pride needs to be reclaimed or an alternative created but would the 'gay clubbing' generation of today even attend such an event?

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Critical mass or a perfect storm?

21-05-2009 13:29

In the madness of popular revelations of avarice, entitlement culture and sleaze, poor management and betrayal of trust, a deeper more interesting thread is emerging ... one, that if teased out, could lead to a Great Unravelling of the Established Order. If so, we need to be ready to act.

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SPEAK Magical Mystery Tour

21-05-2009 13:29

With the admission that up to 16,000 animals are being kept in Oxford University's labs for the purposes of experimentation, SPEAK campaigners took to the streets on Tuesday to expose the horror of vivisection at the university.

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100 prisoners murdered by the US

21-05-2009 13:19

This is a deliberate repost of Fred Spencer's "Human-Rights: USA-CIA-Torture".
With apologies to Fred, most people here stop reading when they see an article in German, and his title indicates this is about torture. It isn't, it is about mass murder, so I've linked to the source article and the Democracy Now! interview.

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Why the British public don´t get anarchism.

21-05-2009 12:41

The divide between the anarchist-liberationist mindset and the average person is vast. Put plainly, the average person cannot understand why anarchists and their cohorts are silent on matters of major general importance but are incredibly committed and vocal regarding speciality concerns such as anti arms factory campaigns.

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A film about using VHS video tape wins top fashion film festival

21-05-2009 12:30

Undercurrents won a film festival by stating our independence from consumerism

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'Court curtails Met surveillance' of protesters

21-05-2009 11:56

Judges have ruled that the Met. must destroy photos of arms trade campaigner Andrew Wood, according to the BBC.

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Radio 4 Show on Policing Protest

21-05-2009 11:18

Radio 4 Legal Discussion Show on Policing Protest. Mentions the 2009 G20, 2001 Mayday protests, the introduction of kettling as a process for oppressing groups, and the current fashion in policing, preemptively arresting people before protest happens ( eg Fairford, Radcliffe )

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Press Release - First Ever Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair!

21-05-2009 09:39

On 23 May Cardiff will have its first anarchist bookfair at Cathays Community Centre. Please come along and bring your friends. There's loads going on including workshops and stalls from a whole host of groups and collectives selling books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and much, much more!

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Self-Harm in Immigration detention January/February/March 2009

21-05-2009 07:33

Immigration detention, is harmful to the mental well being of those detained the detention can lead to acts of Self-Harm