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AUSTRALIA: Convicted attention seeker to be released from Perth Prison

17-05-2007 00:46

Dreaming about becoming Osama Bin Laden
He was one of a number Muslims whose homes were raided by ASIO in a nationwide security crackdown that followed the September 11 US false flag operation perpetrated by the G W Bush administration. Apparently Roach was highly trained to contact ASIO about the Israeli Embassy plot so they arrested him. Why not he was giving himself up right?

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Announcing Flash Radio G8 2007 Podcast

17-05-2007 00:27

Flash Radio is a podcast from and about the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm Germany. Subscribe to our podcast about the actions against the G8 or listen to it online. From the 2nd June through till the 10th our 30 minute podcast will contain selected material recorded by our embedded citizen reporter teams.

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New migrant detention camp in Evros, Greece

17-05-2007 00:14

"five star" concentration camp
Details on the new camp and upcoming on-site anti-racist mobilization from all over greece.
Map of detention centers on the greek side of greco-turkish border.

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Indy Oaxaca Infonight reaches Bristol

16-05-2007 22:04

Kebele social centre and Kiptik are hosting an info night and update on the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico as part of a speaking tour organised by the UK Zapatista solidarity network. With Bristol’s population roughly similar to that of the city of Oaxaca, we look forwards to being inspired by what others have achieved!

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Dancing Down the Borders!

16-05-2007 21:52

The shake g8 bike caravan to the G8 Summit passed the German-Polish border in Schwedt today (16.05.07). In fancy-dress, with cheerleaders, dancers and a dj we danced down the border, quite literally! We were taped by the associated press and local tv station. There was a large amount of police, and they were clearly expecting us. But all managed to pass eventually except for our support vehicle, the police who claim it is "unroadworthy".

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Migration Watch - NO TO RACISM ! NO TO EUGENICS ! - Manchester University

16-05-2007 21:17

Rally against Migration Watch and the invite to David Coleman by Manchester University
Thursday May 17th - 12 noon to 2pm
Rally at Hulme Hall on Rusholme Place, off Wilmslow Rd, Manchester
(turn left at Tescos opposite Whitworth Park)

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Pitiful Lefties. John McDonnell falls at first post.......Ha ha ha!

16-05-2007 20:56

You can go now John. Your 15 seconds of fame is over....
So. For god knows how long now the usual disposable air punching losers have bombarded everyone with 'Vote for John' literature at every public event going. The upshot of their hard work? Their hero has not even made the ballot paper....

The fact that McDonnell enjoyed a less high profile than Blair's junior cabinet ministers did not deter them. The fact that the Labour Party or 'New Labour' as we now call it has been devoid of democracy for decades seemed to pass them by. Exactly what kind of deluded fuckwit thinks there is anything to gain by being in or around the Labour Party these days?????

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111. Talking is not working

16-05-2007 18:18

Whilst here in the UK for the past 10 years, I have had opportunities to study and work at respectable universities and meet many interesting individuals. At the University of Wolverhampton and within its School of Computing and IT, I found myself in an environment that challenged me for all the wrong reasons.

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Vicenza Italy: People’s Power and Plutonium

16-05-2007 18:00

Vicenza, Italy - Without a mass mobilization of indignant citizen the atomic secrets buried in the caves and bunkers of the Berici Hills around Vicenza would have remained secreted below the loads of cement hastily poured over them. The concrete may have temporarily buried the evidence had not the U.S. military decided to extend their bases and expand these perfect underground storage spaces for more of their weapons of war.

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This Sunday. Films about Black liberation at Camberwell Social Centre

16-05-2007 16:42

Step Forward Youth Day of Film and Discussions - A tribute to John La Rose.

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Bombo and Geld-oof.

16-05-2007 14:59

Bombo + Geld-oof2
got the protesters off the street for Bush.

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Remember gagging democracy? THE ODD SNEER-SPIN AGAINST MCDONNEL.

16-05-2007 14:35

If you are to EITHER side of the political spectrum from John Mcdonnel, you should see the "influencers of opinion"s PR spin as very, very worrying. . . .

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Department of Health tries to suppress facts about Private Finance Initiative

16-05-2007 14:31

While I am better known to readers of the World Socialist Web Site for articles on the Middle East, in my professional life I am an academic who writes on business and public policy and finance. My recent experiences reveal how the Labour government seeks to ensure that research contradicting its lies and exposing increasing corporate control over public policy is suppressed.

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Get Bikes Off the Roads

16-05-2007 14:16

Yep that is what the new Highway Code wants....
Consider signing this petition and spreading the word if this is not entirely anathama to your political attitudes (if you don't want to sign this then please go and do something useful in the way of Direct Action - hell why not just do both!)

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G8 GermanyFundraiser Fri 18th

16-05-2007 14:06

Fundraiser to get us to Germany

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Mars includes dead calves' stomach with its chocolate products

16-05-2007 14:05

Masterfoods has decided to start using non-vegetarian whey in its chocolate products, including Mars, Twix, Maltesers

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Ndagire Oliva MUbira and Andrew Wamala must stay!

16-05-2007 13:55

A traumatised, multiply raped woman and her 3 year old son are due for deportation to Uganda today.

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Fallwell's Legacy

16-05-2007 13:35

Jabba expires...

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France: Sarkozy Salutes Satan During Inaugauration - Same Gesture As Bush

16-05-2007 12:37

Nicolas Sarkozy during his inaugauration on wednesday
Paris, France. During his inaugauration speech new elected right-winged president Sarkozy saluted satan - with the same gesture G. W. Bush used during his inaugauration.