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AUSTRALIA: Convicted attention seeker to be released from Perth Prison

Parrot Press | 17.05.2007 00:46 | Analysis | Repression | Terror War | World

He was one of a number Muslims whose homes were raided by ASIO in a nationwide security crackdown that followed the September 11 US false flag operation perpetrated by the G W Bush administration. Apparently Roach was highly trained to contact ASIO about the Israeli Embassy plot so they arrested him. Why not he was giving himself up right?

Dreaming about becoming Osama Bin Laden
Dreaming about becoming Osama Bin Laden

A convicted attention seeker trained by ASIO will be released from prison in Perth today after serving half his sentence for allegedly planning to attack the Israeli Embassy in Canberra while he was laying on his couch watching television and dreaming about becoming Osama Bin Laden.

Jack Roche, 53, was sentenced to nine years jail in 2004 for allegedly conspiring to bomb the embassy but he couldn't find the button on his television remote control so the possibility that was going to occur was zilch.

Roche converted to Islam in the early 1990s and was active member of the Muslim community in Sydney.

Couch Potato

Allegedly he later travelled to Afghanistan, received explosives training with Al Qaeda and met Osama Bin Laden before returning to Australia where he carried out surveillance and planning for an attack on the embassy, while watching TV?

He was one of a number Muslims whose homes were raided by ASIO in a nationwide security crackdown that followed the September 11 US false flag operation perpetrated by the G W Bush administration. Apparently Roach was highly trained to contact ASIO about the Israeli Embassy plot so they arrested him. Why not he was giving himself up right?

Since being sentenced, Roche has been held in Perth's Casuarina Prison.

Last month, the State Opposition in Western Australia raised concerns about his early release, arguing that someone considered a danger to the public should serve their full sentence.

However, the Federal Government has indicated it has no power to intervene and television sets can't explode embassies with their remote control buttons like they used to?


hoWARd's connections with the abc in Australia and abroad

Jack Roche

[Allegedly according to Sally Four Corners [Walls] Bashir was accompanied at the time by Australian JI member, Jack Roche, who later described the encounter to the AFP. Roche had been seconded by JI's operations chief Hambali and was on his way to Afghanistan to meet the Al Qaeda leadership to plan an attack in Australia.

[CIA made demon 'JI' Member let's remember who made up JI and then who linked Jack Roche to it!] Attention seeker Jack Roach who would have no credit in any court of law unless they gave it to him! Read the link!]

Convicted attention seeker Jack Roche called by afp as informant

A convicted 'attention seeker' Jack Roche now an afp informant has given hearsay evidence at the committal hearing for 13 men facing [alleged] terrorism charges in Melbourne.


Sorry this link is not live anymore but I'm not trying to trick you it was there!


Anyway: Roche was subsequently convicted and sentenced to nine years in jail for plotting to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Canberra.

[But not unlike some attention seekers who would like to become a martyr for a cause? Again that doesn't mean they had any means as in Roche's case or any know how to carry out a plan or a bombing as in Roche's case but just that they had a story to tell like many story tellers.]

[Allegedly according to Sally] As the most senior figure in the Australian jihadist network, Omran was briefed by JI's local leaders on Roche's plot.

[Allegedly according to Sally] The Ayub brothers were opposed to Hambali and Roche conducting an Al Qaeda operation [Oh! Was it and Al Quaeda operation?] On their turf in Australia without consulting them. So they went to Omran to seek his advice.

[Perhaps we should set up a meeting with all these players on national television and get them to tell us this truth? Because it is one thing to say these players did this or said that but another thing to prove it Sally?]

[Allegedly according to Sally] Omran argued strongly that Roche must be stopped. The Ayub twins relayed his advice back to Bashir in Indonesia by letter and Bashir later instructed Roche to abandon his plans.

[As above]

[Allegedly according to Sally] Omran - with some justification - has since claimed credit for having averted Roche's bombing. He also claimed to have alerted the authorities to the plot. However Australian officials deny that he did so. ASIO and the AFP remained oblivious to Roche's activities until after the Bali bombings in 2002.

[As above]

Evidence in another terrorism case suggests that, despite his reservations about the JI organisation, Omran acted as a conduit to Bashir for his followers in Australia.

[As above]

Australia Complicit in CIA Bali Bombings: Community
[There is] no doubt whatsoever of the CIA's involvement and the complicity of the Australian goverment and that view is shared by us and by our counterparts in Indonesia. Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty says he is still convinced Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir is the mastermind behind the Bali bombings, despite his convictions being quashed.

Hambali denies Al Qaeda link
Alleged Bali bombings mastermind Hambali another political scapegoat, has told a Guantanamo Bay tribunal hearing that he had no link to worldwide terrorist network Al Qaeda. The denial was included in a transcript of Hambali's April 4 questioning by a military commission at Guantanamo Bay, released by the Pentagon. Asked, "Mister Hambali, did you have any association with Al Qaeda while you were a member of JI?" he replied via a translator "No".

The political origins and outlook of Jemaah Islamiyah
If asked the question: “What is Jemaah Islamiyah?” just 18 months ago, most people would have been unable to reply. But since the Bali bombings in October 2002, “JI” has become a virtual household word, synonymous with Islamic extremism and terrorist violence throughout South East Asia. Despite its notoriety, however, almost nothing of any genuine substance has been written on the organisation.

Indonesian cleric faces trial again over Marriot and Bali bombings
The US Congressional Commission report into of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington released earlier this year cited statements made under US interrogation by alleged JI operations chief Riduan Isamuddin, also known as Hambali, that he acted under the orders of Bashir. Immediately after the dismissal of Bashir’s terrorist charges last year, Australian prime minister Howard declared: “Because many of us here in Australia believe that he was at least spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiah and therefore at least knew about the attacks in Bali, we are disappointed he wasn’t convicted on that and didn’t get a longer sentence.” Howard visited Jakarta for Yudhoyono’s inauguration on October 20 and would almost certainly have raised the question again.

Inside Indonesia's War on Terror
Last Wednesday, Dateline aired David O'Shea's video work titled "Inside Indonesia's War on Terror" ... Normally, the Dateline website has a transcript of the work, along with a realvideo file. However, for reasons unknown - the transcript and video clip are unavailable. So, IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, we have provided the transcript here for you.

There is no such thing as an Indonesian anti-corruption body
I'm looking in the space. This time, this void. I'm making my way through the muddy minutes. The pull is in my muscle. The ache is in my bones. It's hard to be alone.

Indonesian A-G signals crackdown on corrupt prosecutors
Indonesia's new Attorney-General has admitted four out of five prosecutors in Indonesia are open to corruption but says he will root out the wrongdoers.

Bali bombing prisoner released from jail early
An Islamic militant convicted of a minor role in the 2002 Bali bombings has been released from prison 18 months early after a ministerial decree.

Mercy for murderers
Every family member of a 'victim' must feel this way. So when you think of the innocent victims in Bali then also think of the innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan the very reason for Bali.

hoWARd, will keep chilling you!
All this nonsense to hide the fact that the Bali bombing was not State Sanctioned Terror when it clearly was in relation to the explosive used in the second Bali bomb blast in 2002 which was clearly military hardware.

Australia's Terrorism Wake Up Call [164]
The horrific bombings of the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Bali, on October 12, 2002, considerably strengthened the hand of the CoW in pursuing the War on Terror. Here was an opportunity to harden the hearts of the Australian and US public against Islamic fundamentalists. It was also a chance for the Indonesian government to justify harsh measures in the war against terrorists and secessionists, such at those in the province of Aceh.

President Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO
Is that why when they asked the President Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO who JI was he could not answer the media when he had just became President? So if he did not know then they did not even exist. So on that basis there is a black record for even the right wing media to answer. If they can give people a clear answer to the Presidents lack of knowledge then perhaps you can clear up the 'discrepancy' otherwise JI was invented by the CIA as an alleged terrorist network. Mmm is there any other inventions by the CIA that you know about? What about the demon 'al qaeda' where did that come from?

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