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Bush sets stage for major escalation in Iraq

21-12-2006 09:06

The remarks delivered by President Bush at a year-end press conference Wednesday, combined with a series of military and political developments, point inexorably to a major escalation of the US war in Iraq in the coming year.

Bush revealed little new in his encounter with the press corps, dismissing as “hypothetical” all questions on the reported turn by his administration to a new military offensive in Iraq based on a “surge” of up to 40,000 more US combat troops in the country.

The president claimed he was still weighing various recommendations from military, diplomatic and Iraqi sources—as well as those of the much-trumpeted but already marginalized Iraq Study Group—before presenting a new policy in a speech that is expected sometime in early January.

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Pot Cultivation in Today’s America

21-12-2006 03:48

It’s official, marijuana represents the USA’s most lucrative locally grown product – at $200 billion/annum, corn, wheat and potatoes are chicken feed. While U.S. borders seep various powdered imports it’s good ol’ home grown pot that makes the bankers smile. The USA is drowning in contraband and the negative social ramifications of the neo-PROHIBITION of unenlightened conservative beliefs – when will they ever learn?

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21-12-2006 02:26

Disgusted with the personal debt, spiritual emptiness and ecological damage that the holiday seawson now entails, writers and activists began to promote the idea of a downshifted Christmas in the late nineties.

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State of Mancunia

21-12-2006 01:53

Manchester poet fined under draconian “police state” psuedo laws.

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Photos: "Mass Lone Protest" (20.12.06)

21-12-2006 01:14

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
Photos: "Mass Lone Protest" (20.12.06)

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A New “Spycatcher” (Flynt Leverett)

21-12-2006 00:44

…from the Los Angeles Times:

“A former National Security Council official said Monday that the White House tried to silence his criticism of its Middle East policies by ordering the CIA to censor an op-ed column he wrote."

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Audio: Princess Diana on confronting Camilla

21-12-2006 00:41

US Television network NBC aired a 'Larry King Live' special on March 1st 2004 which broadcast the hitherto secret taped conversations with Princess Diana.

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Chavez Landslide Tops All In US History

20-12-2006 21:41

Hugo Chavez wins two landslide elections explained in article

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Freedom of thought is a 'limited right' says PM

20-12-2006 21:35

The Prime Minister's office has said that "freedom of thought and conscience" are limited rights in response to online petition calling for halt to erosion of civil liberties.

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UK ID cards U-turn

20-12-2006 19:15

The UK government has revised its plans for a national compulsory biometric identity card. The original proposal was for a new 'clean' central database to hold all personal information - name, date of birth, NI number, address, biometric data (iris scans, fingerprints, DNA) as well as your immigration status, medical and criminal records. And everything else too.

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20-12-2006 19:01

For a number of years the Feminist Library has existed in a state of permanent emergency, with a dwindling number of volunteers to take part in running the library, a precarious financial situation, uncertainty about its location, and a lack of womanpower to pursue crucial funding applications.

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Chavez gets more radical

20-12-2006 17:56

“For this new era we need a political instrument at the service of the Revolution and socialism”

In an event called on Friday 15, at the Teresa Carreño Theatre in Caracas, to celebrate the election victory and congratulate those who had made it possible, Chavez made a very important speech about the new phase the Bolivarian Revolution has reached. The whole speech was one blow after another against the right wing of the Bolivarian movement, which has spent the last two weeks since the elections calling for conciliation with the opposition, and was enthusiastically received by the thousands of revolutionary activists present at the Theatre and the hundreds of thousands who watch the speech on national TV.

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Pittsburgh IWW Strikes again at Starbucks’ Anti-Union Practices

20-12-2006 14:21

"We workers can continue to grovel for these low-wage jobs, or we can just wring our hands in despair, or we can stand up and demand better treatment from these moneymaking corporations. We all know what Starbucks wants its so-called “partners” to do. It’s no mystery why Starbucks is firing workers for organizing, trying to get them to think that a union is unnecessary, and keeping a close eye on those of us who want an independent voice at work.” -- IWW Starbucks Union member

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A Simple Building Occupation - [a short video]

20-12-2006 13:44

A four minute documentary originally made for Channel four's '4docs' about the ASBO community space has now been published on youtube. The short film is about squatters in Nottingham creating a community centre from a disused house.

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the open publishing aspect of Indymedia is dead

20-12-2006 13:42

Well. No mention of access inequality. But perhaps, when 'user generated
content' reaches the cover of Time magazine it means that the open
publishing aspect of Indymedia 'is dead.'

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(A)l Qaeda's 'vote nobody' campaign

20-12-2006 13:38

The As-Sahab video collective has today released a new video labeled ""the truth about the conflict between Muslims and infidels" which calls on freedom fighters to withhold their vote. "Holding elections won't lead to Palestine's liberation," warns the video which supporting groups are being asked to screen in their local communities.

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Busted, for grassing on terrorists

20-12-2006 12:57

A psychology professor at Florida International University, five years in prison for conspiracy to become an unregistered foreign agent. His wife who also worked at the university, faces up to three years in prison for concealing her husband's participation in that conspiracy. The two are scheduled to be sentenced February 27.

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SOCPA "Bell Ringers" defiant after court appeal fails.

20-12-2006 12:20

Today four protesters promised more protests after a High Court judge ruled against them over restrictions on the right to protest in the vicinity of Parliament. All four, Maya Anne Evans, Aqil Shaer, Milan Rai and Stephen Blum had been convicted of offences under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (2005). [A]

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Pentagon report paints grim picture for US in Iraq

20-12-2006 10:02

A report issued by the Pentagon Monday confirms the disastrous state of the American project for the conquest of Iraq and transformation of the oil-rich country into a semi-colony of the United States.

The armed resistance to the US occupation continues to swell, with both insurgent attacks on US forces and American casualties growing at a double-digit rate. According to the quarterly report, mandated by Congress, the number of attacks carried out by insurgents has risen by 22 percent over the past three months, while US casualties have risen 32 percent.