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More violence from the Ross Harriers Hunt

19-03-2012 22:55

Supporters of the Ross Harriers Hunt smashed a vehicle window and attacked hunt saboteurs with an iron bar during a meet at Orcop Hill, west of Ross On Wye, yesterday. The victim of the attack suffered injuries to the leg and head.

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Six arrested at anti-Tesco squat in Manchester

19-03-2012 20:55

Supporters gather outside Kro2 - where there are plans to build another Tesco

Six people were arrested today at the occupation of the disused Kro2 Bar in hcentral Manchester.  Police illegally forced entry to the squat and made arrests on suspicion of causing criminal damage, shortly before a demonstration outside at 1.30pm.

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25 March 2012 (Sunday) - The Black Rose hosts Jeff Monson in London

19-03-2012 20:51

The Black Rose hosts Jeff Monson in London; Sunday 25 March 2012
London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES. 17:00 until 19:00

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Don't Mourn The NHS - Organise To Save It!

19-03-2012 20:34

Kids at a Newcastle vigil, but vigils achieve nothing in practical term
Well, it's practically a done deal. The parliamentary parlour games are nearly over, and the government has almost had its wicked way with us all, dealing a horrible blow to the NHS. The Tories will be jubilant, because they've gone a long way to realising their no doubt childhood dreams of breaking up what Americans call 'socialised medicine'. Labour will secretly be pleased that by delaying the inevitable for one day they've been able to strike an absurd pose as 'the party of the NHS' six weeks before council elections, even though Andy Burnham himself accelerated its privatisation when he was in the ministerial position he is now shadowing. And the Lib Dems have earned their coalition corn by continuing their filthy role as apologists for the largest assault on the UK working class in living memory.

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Monday 26th - Saturday 31st March: AstraZeneca March Madness - week of action

19-03-2012 19:23

As one of the main customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences, AstraZeneca has been SHAC’s top target over the past year.

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Bristol Anti-Deportation Network event

19-03-2012 16:55


invites you to:

An afternoon of discussion and training, focusing on how to continue working to improve the support for asylum seekers and other people at risk of detention and removal in Bristol

SATURDAY 24th March

1PM to 5.30PM

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Scottish Census Refuser Jailed for Anti-Nuclear Court Graffiti Protest

19-03-2012 16:04

Barbara Dowling, centre, at Census court hearing in January 2012
Two peace activists were sentenced today in Dumbarton Sheriff Court for painting "political graffiti" on the walls of the court following a 2010 trial in which they maintained that the court did not uphold international law with respect to the illegality of the Trident nuclear weapon system. Barbara Dowling, a retired Occuptational Therapist, 67, of Knightswood was given 3 months in prison and Janet Fenton, 64, Secretary of Scottish CND was given 120 hours Community Service.

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Bristol: Solidarity Demo for Luciano Tortuga, 21/03/12

19-03-2012 13:13


Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

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Anti-corporate demo in Manchester: TODAY@1.30pm

19-03-2012 12:55

Police and Bruntwood security are blocking access to the newly squatted Kro2 Bar on Oxford Road, central Manchester - next the former BBC building.   An emergency support demo has been called for TODAY (Monday 19th March 2012) at 1.30pm outside Kro2 Bar (M1 7ED) in support of community spaces and to say no to police protecting corporate interests.


Information has been circulating that corporate property owners Bruntwood want to turn the Kro2 bar into another Tesco.  When asked this morning, a representative from Bruntwood neither confirmed, nor denied the allegation.

The space was occupied last night as a protest against the increasing corporate takeover of  Manchester City Centre.



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Chile: riots after the student march (photos)

19-03-2012 12:19

Chile: Clashes and riots after the first student march since the beginning of classes in Santiago

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Anarchist Hip Hop

19-03-2012 12:11

Anarchist Hip Hop

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Action Alert: Tell SAS Scandinavian Airlines to stop transporting lab animals!

19-03-2012 09:51

SAS Scandinavian Airlines are 1 of the 2 airlines left in the UK still transporting lab animals, Emails and phone calls are needed now!

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Parecomic book on alternatives to capitalism

19-03-2012 04:51

Parecomic book on alternatives to capitalism and a kickstarter drive to support it.

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Animal Rights Issues In China

19-03-2012 04:23

Primates, elephants, bears, dolphins, pigs, rhinos, dogs, cats, turtles are some of the many species abused in China

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Disorder - Kebele Sound DJ's + More

19-03-2012 02:55


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Report back from True Cost of Coal Infotour Leeds

19-03-2012 00:55

Report back from True Cost of Coal and Coal Action Scotland Infotour - The Space Project, Leeds

We had a really inspiring talk from Coal Action Scotland and the Beehive Collective and as numbers were low I thought I'd do a quick write up to share with people who couldn't make it.


Coal Action Scotland have been doing direct action, community organising against open cast in the Douglas Valley and challenging the local council and Scottish Coal. They have had site occupations at Mainshill and Happendon Wood and they're on tour now to drum up posses of people to go up this summer to take action against a new open cast mine planned at Glentaggart East.

Glentaggart East is peatland and mining it would be really destructive, cause carbon dioxide and methane emissions causing climate change and it's ruining the lives of the local community. The council are totally in the pockets of Scottish Coal. But Scottish Coal are having to sell off machines to fund the project - they're getting strapped for cash and need Glentaggart to go ahead so action against this mine is really strategic to stopping the destruction of the Douglas Valley and stopping Scottish Coal and direct action is having effect!

Before we heard from CAS and watched the video where they interview locals on the impact open cast mining is having on their lives Sophie from the Beehive Collective talked us through their poster on mountain top removal open cast coal mining in the Appalacian mountains in the USA. The 'poster' is the size of my bedroom and so detailed that you could study it for weeks on end and still find new details and references.

It tells the story of the Applacian mountains and land rights, coal mining and union organising, climate change and the greenwashing, and the community resistance and sustainable alternatives that are out there. I've bought a copy of the poster which I'll put up at mine and your welcome to come and have a look. It's amazing!

Coal Action Scotland are keen to get groups from around the country to come up and take action. It would be great to get a group going from Leeds if you're interested get in touch.

So for those of you that couldn't make this inspiring meeting, there's going to be another ace talk from the Traveller Solidarity Network at the 1 in 12 in Bradford on Tuesday 20th March so come along to that instead.



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March 31st Anti-Workfare Actions

18-03-2012 23:32

Responding to and International call out for actions against exploitation, austerity and capitalism, Solidarity Federation branches around the country have been organising anti-workfare actions on March 31st.

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EDL name date for Bristol (and more)

18-03-2012 22:55

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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release March 18th 2012

18-03-2012 18:49

Supporters of the Ross Harriers Hunt smashed a vehicle window and attacked hunt saboteurs with an iron bar during a meet at Orcop Hill, west of Ross On Wye, yesterday. The victim of the attack suffered injuries to the leg and head.