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Action Alert: Tell SAS Scandinavian Airlines to stop transporting lab animals!

National Anti-Vivisection Alliance | 19.03.2012 09:51 | Animal Liberation

SAS Scandinavian Airlines are 1 of the 2 airlines left in the UK still transporting lab animals, Emails and phone calls are needed now!

SAS Scandinavian Airlines fly lab animals including those of Harlan Laboratories!
As all ferries in the UK no longer transport lab animals, our attention needs to turn to the remaining 2 airlines transporting animals into the UK, send Emails and make phone calls!

Please call at 02087594999, 08712267767 and send polite Emails

Email Block:,

Sample Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am extremely disturbed to learn the cruelty inflicted on primates as captured, imprisoned, and exported by SAS Scandinavian Airlines for research, the efficacy of which is unproven, demonstrably cost-prohibitive, and lethal, not only on non-human animals, but also on human animals. These experiments subject these sentient animals to enormous suffering and pain, and I respectfully request that you immediately cease your participation in such an unethical practice.

Animals are sentient beings, capable of thought and emotion, including love and suffering. I plea with you to acknowledge this important condition that both humans and non-humans share. We must teach our children respect for, and empathy towards, animals, for our children are undeserving of this cruel legacy whereby animals are exploited and suffered for human greed and egotistical motive, which only fosters the dangerous premise of acceptable suffering against all animals, human and non-. Please consider my request, immediately cease causing harm to these inquisitive and intelligent animals by discontinuing your participation in the testing business.

Many other international companies have already made the decision to stop the transportation of animals for such unethical practices, and I hope you, too, make the similar decision.

Sincerely, (Name)

National Anti-Vivisection Alliance