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Monday 26th - Saturday 31st March: AstraZeneca March Madness - week of action

SHAC | 19.03.2012 19:23 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

As one of the main customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences, AstraZeneca has been SHAC’s top target over the past year.

Monday 26th - Saturday 31st March


Activists regularly hold protests at AstraZeneca's offices and those of their subsidiaries and shareholders, to let them know that we will continue to focus on them until they cut their ties with the world’s most notorious animal testing lab.

HLS is now in serious financial trouble; over $100million in debt, with their profits decreasing further each year:

2008 £6,859,000
2009 £4,402,000
2010 £2,025,000

With this in mind, its time to hit them where it hurts and get rid of AstraZeneca!

So let’s pile on the pressure during a week of action and remind them of the 500 animals who will be killed inside HLS every single day because of their blood money contract.

Get active and fight for the animals imprisoned inside HLS – don’t let them get away with murder!
Pick an AstraZeneca site and organise a protest, send a letter/email or make a phone call.

AZ global sites and contact details:

If you need help organising a protest, or have any questions, let us know.
More details of how you can get involved in the week of action will be announced soon.

Join the fight to SMASH HLS!

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