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EDL Riot In Stoke by ‘Malatesta’

24-01-2010 11:23

Following the violence, vandalism and arrests in Stoke yesterday the EDL have very mixed feelings about what happened. Despite a strong turnout the trouble has created a lot of bad publicity and schisms amongst supporters. However, there are also serious lessons for anti-fascists.

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Craig Murray: Jack Straw's Biggest Lie

24-01-2010 09:29

I was a British Ambassador at the time of the events covered by the Iraq Inquiry. I know many of the witnesses and a great deal of the background. I can therefore see right through the smooth presentation. Jack Straw was the smoothest of all - but he told lie after lie.

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EDL Stoke

24-01-2010 00:16

The English Defence League (EDL) clashed with police as anti-Muslim protest turned violent.

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Report & Pics: Life's too short to be controlled! demo

23-01-2010 23:23

Demo marching towards Picadilly Circus
Today's 'Life's Too Short to be controlled' demo that was called by London No Borders attracted over 150 people that gathered at St.Pancras international terminal from 2pm. Whilst people were arriving banners were being unfurled, speeches were given over the mobile sound system, and bandanas specially made for the demo that read 'cctv operating at all times - life's too short to be controlled' and 'Smile you are on cctv - london no borders' were given out to the crowd.

Report and Pics in IMC-London:

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Hardcore Nazis of the EDL

23-01-2010 20:33

The "peace-loving, tree-hugging non-violent non-Nazis" of the EDL (as they would have us believe) poured into Stoke today intent upon chanting racist slogans, making Nazi salutes and wreaking havoc upon another British town centre.

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Capture the Flag: Brighton City Centre Saturday, February 13th, 2010

23-01-2010 19:39

The bugle has sounded. The city in daytime drowns in the drone of bankers and shoppers... as dusk descends the streets will come alive, laughing as the flags wave high.

For 90 minutes we'll tear through the city centre, flag on our minds.

The lines have been drawn. Recruit, cajole and press-gang everyone you can. Rules and a map of the playing field coming soon.


'Beyond the field there is nothing'

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Insider views on Haiti from Flashpoints

23-01-2010 17:34

Flashpoints coverage on the unfolding crisis in Haiti, as hundreds of thousands of people are dead following the massive earthquake; Flashpoints speak to Walter Riley, Bay Area-based civil rights attorney, just back from Port-au-Prince, also, Bill Quigley, legal director for the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York talks about the large US military presence in Haiti and the undermining of relief efforts that puts more lives in danger; an interview with a medical doctor in Port-au-Prince, who has set up a makeshift hospital to treat thousands of patients; Yvon Kerizan of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund gives his eyewitness account of the suffering; and Flashpoints’ Kevin Pina heads back to Haiti.

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Calais: Pics of Migrant Resistance

23-01-2010 15:29

Here are some pics from the protest by migrants in Calais earlier in the week, and our press release which sheds a bit more light on the events....

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Call for EU pressure over Serbian human rights

23-01-2010 15:22

The continued incarceration of the Belgrade Six and fears over Serbia's willingness to maintain the human rights of its citizens has prompted mutterings both inside and outside the country - particularly as the process for country's EU membership application speeds up.

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Has Obama Given Up?

23-01-2010 13:57

"Expectations were too high". "We overestimated our ability". Time magazine’s interview with the President made for grim reading, unless you’re Israeli. Obama’s claim that "divisions within their societies" made "meaningful conversation...very hard" can be taken as a significant climb-down from the bold stance taken in Cairo.

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Beyond Democracy?

23-01-2010 13:36

Why we should be mobilising against the elections

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The EDL In Stoke

23-01-2010 07:42

The English Defence League is holding a demo in Stoke today which, whilst inevitably causing disruption, will get support from the Stoke football firm the Naughty 40 and associated hooligans, unaffiliated youths looking for trouble and BNP supporters in one of their key areas.

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UWU Picket of A4E, Friday 22/01/2010

23-01-2010 02:36

On a grim, rainy afternoon at midday on Thursday (22/01/2010), a new activist group picketed their first target.

The group was UWU (Unemployed Workers Union) and the target was A4E.

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no borders demonstration in london 23/01

22-01-2010 23:10

meeting is at 2pm at st. pancras station.

be prepared.

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The trial of the Greek Cop who shot a teenager and BBC Lies

22-01-2010 22:46

The trial of the Greek Cop who shot dead a 15-year-old boy in Athens has now started. The BBC has attempted to report on it, but the article is a disgrace, full of lies and inaccuracies. Read the actual facts here, in short, as found on Athens Indymedia (in Greek) and as reported from comrades who are there and are witnessing what is happening.

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Barclays sabotaged in Brighton

22-01-2010 20:27

On Tuesday 19th January we sabotaged two Barclays cashpoints in Brighton and left the message 'Investors in death'

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22-01-2010 19:55

this a letter that i wrote yesterday to mumia
he really is in my thoughts. in my mind. i hope yours likewise.

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The Horror Of Haiti: What The Press Coverage Tells Us

22-01-2010 16:50

Only some disasters get reported in detail...

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Theory into Practice? Shift Magazine no. 8

22-01-2010 16:05

Issue 8 of Shift Magazine is available now. It should be in radical bookshops and social centres soon, or can be ordered from the website.

This time, we have reports and analyses from Copenhagen, a look at Griffin's appearance on Question Time, and an interview with geographer Erik Swyngedouw. The focus is on the (im)possibility of alternative practice in a post-political world. To this effect, Anarchist FAQ author Ian McKay provides a critique of mutualism that shows up the limits of a cooperative lifestyle and the need for antagonistic action.

All content will be online eventually. So far, here is the editorial: