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LISTEN NOW! live.miners throw dinamite at army- bolivian uprising

15-10-2003 15:12

this minute radio erbol is broadcasting LIVE from a guys mobile phone in bolivia, as the miners throw dinamite at police and army. listen now!

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Action 5:30pm Leicester Square McDonald's tommorow 16/10

15-10-2003 14:38

Action outside Maccy D's in Leicester Square Thursday 16th October 5:30pm

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15-10-2003 13:04


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Iran at the centre of political changes

15-10-2003 12:40

WPI Briefing Number 119, Weekly of the Worker-communist Party of Iran - in this issue: Iran at the centre of political changes; On the Noble Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi; Amina Lawal's stay of execution by stoning.

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More video clips of Manchester Camp X-Ray

15-10-2003 12:39

Woman camp guard being interviewed for Indymedia
More broadband video clips of the Manchester Camp X-Ray.

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Campaign update: Sudanese prisoner of faith released

15-10-2003 12:37

Campaigners will be pleased to hear that prisoner of faith Dr Hassan Turabi, leader of the Popular Congress Party in Sudan has been freed after two years under house arrest.

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ashcroft sings

15-10-2003 12:30

A song of freedom from the US NATIONAL DEFENCE DEPT

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Criminal Justice and Public Order Act .. .. AND NOW, PART 2

15-10-2003 09:50

Oh no!!!! Those that understand the progress of the Law, against us, will know of the Public Order Act 1986, that first made it as difficult as it for festivals and travellers to gather. Then, in 1994, Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, section 61 - 70, tightened those laws, and lowered the threshold of numbers attending, to trigger those actions against us.

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Social Movements in Africa / European Social Forum

15-10-2003 08:39

Social Movements in Africa / European Social Forum
Meeting at Town Hall this Thursday

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Bin Tax Protest Rock Dublin Ireland {15 Jailed, so far}

15-10-2003 06:33

{ photos by redjade } (c)

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Eubank protest against Iraq occupation

15-10-2003 03:20

Chris Eubank protests outside Downing Street and crashes car - against the occupation of Iraq.

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15-10-2003 02:40

Union leaders calling for President Sanchez de Lozada resignation, some areas of the military would also be joining the call. Thousands marching to La Paz to reinforce the mobilizations.

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Free the Social Forum !!!!!

15-10-2003 02:03

-some notes about the London Social Forum ......

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resistance in Honduras: thousands in anti-IMF street bloackades

15-10-2003 00:28

honduras in the context of the americas
thousands of hondurans have come out onto the streets to bloackade streets and demand that their government not renew a debt-payment agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

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no one is illegal uk - manifesto

15-10-2003 00:14

A new no one is illegal group has formed in the uk, in addition to already existing, more fluid noborder groups and lists. Here is their manifesto from September 03:

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No Allianz With Bayer

14-10-2003 23:20

On tuesday 14th october, the offices of Allianz in London recieved a visit from anti-GM campaigns. Allianz is the biggest shareholder of Bayer. Since Bayer bought Aventis Cropscience the company is the major player in GM crops in the UK and the only company to have varieties ready for commercial planting should the UK government ignore public opinion and allow GM crops to be grown.

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Manchester Camp X-Ray - video clip

14-10-2003 23:15

Broadband encoded video clip of Manchester Camp X-Ray.

To download the entire film rightclick on the link below.

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US bulldozes Iraqi farmers crops

14-10-2003 23:01

The US are now using zionist tactics against Iraqis - report from the Independent.

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14-10-2003 22:57

Tens truce on midday, Tuesday, October 14 after fifty four dead and hundreds of wounded in last three days of confrontations in Bolivia.

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The today's answer is simple & bloody

14-10-2003 19:39

pics from turkish embassy blast