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Sainsbury's Rotherham depot blockaded

02-07-2004 04:50

saisbury's south yorkshire distribution center, Rotherham, successfully blockaded for nearly 6 hours by santa up his tripod and his merry elves.

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Sainsbury's Merseyside Depot Blocked

02-07-2004 04:16

A successful, 4 hour, no arrest, no equipment lost blockade with plenty of support from Sainsbury's packers and drivers...protesting CM crop fed milk in Sainsbury's.

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250,000 protest in hong kong

02-07-2004 01:47

Hong Kong voices dissent

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01-07-2004 23:54

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Russia, Spain, and Cuba.

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West Papuan Freedom Fighters - URGENT RELEASE

01-07-2004 23:52

Urgent news from West Papua....please support, thank you. 1.Urgent support needed for Mr Yusak Pakage - arrested West Papua freedom activist.2. DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE INDONESIAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS, LONDON MONDAY 5TH JULY 2004.3. Please write requesting that refugees living in Vanimo not be forcibly moved to East Awin but be allowed to live on land being offered to them in Blekwara. 4. **URGENT** OPM PRESS RELEASE

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Sainsburys blockaded nationally!

01-07-2004 23:41

Sainsburys chilled food distribution centres are blockaded across the country in protest against GM feed being fed to dairy cows.

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Urgent Transport Correction for Menwith

01-07-2004 22:36

come to menwith, ah go on...
its only the biggest spy station in Europe. It only co-ordinates war in Iraq, on Afghanistan, anywhere.... it only communicates behind your back
It only listens to you via any means
It only fires nuclear proliferation in china via fear
It only feeds info to US companies
It only uses your voice... in whatever way it chooses... and you have no control over that.......

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FAIRFORD 5 NEWSFLASH - "Don't Rule On Iraq' - Foreign Office Spokesman Warns

01-07-2004 21:42


The Fairford 5 trials have once more exploded onto the international stage, as the Foreign Office intervenes in the court proceedings against the 'Fairford 5' - who all attempted to disable U.S B52 Bombers stationed at Fairford (Gloucestershire, U.K) in the days leading up to the illegal bombing of Iraq during March 2003.
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The nature of this moment

01-07-2004 20:54

No serious progressive person should view "Zargawi" as anything more than a crude and transparent attempt to transfix our gaze in the face of what is clearly an attempt to lead our people through fear. Zargawi was most likely killed some time ago as has been widely reported. The stupid theme of the "bad guys" continues. Understand your "1984 world." Orwell now more than ever, jamie

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Bulkington Fields travellers site violently evicted

01-07-2004 18:39

Travellers at Bulkington Fields, Warwickshire were violently evicted by Constant And Co bailiffs on Wednesday morning.

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Knowledge is Power or Life in the Pseudo (Money) Economy

01-07-2004 16:40

"When one hears the parties, they all seem to refuse responsibility and are only interested in preserving their power, not in any particular task of doing something for our country and its people.. Who can endure this political Punch-and-Judy show? Pseudo-debates in which unimportant things are discussed and charges of incompetence are heard on all sides. The media re not weary of drumming their worldview into our heads.."

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Family demand answers from government over murdered son

01-07-2004 16:21

He claims that, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary or a proper investigation by the Foreign Office, his journalist son Richard, 24, who was shot dead in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, may have been "taken out" by a hit man acting on behalf of coalition forces.

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Sudan, Oil and Human Rights

01-07-2004 15:44

This Human Rights Watch report details the role of oil and Western business interests in the violence being perpetrated in the Sudan.

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01-07-2004 15:40

Back in April we reported that West Papuans were planning a mass boycott of the Indonesian parliamentary elections. On the day of the elections West Papuans burnt down polling stations, sank a boat carrying ballot papers and almost unanimously refused to vote. This represented one of the biggest acts of resistance against Indonesian occupation by the West Papuan people for some time. And surprisingly there was little retaliation from the police or military. This may have been in part due to a swathe of simultaneous solidarity demonstrations at Indonesian embassies around the world including London.

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Iraq War On Trial

01-07-2004 13:39

Don't rule on Iraq

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Fairford Five High Court Appeal

01-07-2004 13:27

Fairford Five High Court Appeal in London Tuesday 29th June to Thursday 1st July

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Dissent! Anti-G8 Gathering, Bradford this weekend!

01-07-2004 12:33

The next Dissent! gathering will take place at the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford from the 3rd-4th July 2004. Come along and get involved!

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Gay Pride, Labour Shame

01-07-2004 12:07

OutRage! exposes Labour's 20 failings on queer human rights. These are 20 concrete, specific instances when Labour had an opportunity to overturn homophobia, but chose to maintain discrimination. Labour talks a lot about equality, but often fails to deliver. When it comes to the crunch, the government seems more interested in appeasing the homophobes of Middle England than in enacting rights for queers.

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Russian Baby-Seals- A reminder.

01-07-2004 12:03

A reminder of the Russian Baby Seal cull.

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New Robin Hoods get fined

01-07-2004 11:48

The low impact roundhouse is barely visible from a distance
In the latest episode of Brithdir Mawr roundhouse in South Wales the couple that live there have been fined £400 each for failing to demolish the house but the battle to save the house continues.