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Computer sale for activists and community groups this weekend 25-26 Feb

25-02-2006 19:35

Due to Lambeth council evicting local business's Communitty Technology are having to downsize their recycled stock.
"We're outta here" COMPUTER-TAT Sale.
10.30am-6pm 25th and 26th Feb 2006
Angela Davis Estate, Somerleyton Road, SW9 8ND
(7 minute walk from Brixton tube)

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Love Ulster

25-02-2006 19:29

report on demo in dublin

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Swansea Against Islamophobia

25-02-2006 16:56

Two hundred at Swansea rally against Islamophobia

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Call to action: West Papuans blockade Freeport mine

25-02-2006 16:08

This is a call out we received, to act in solidarity with West Papuan tribal peoples and the defense of the Earth.

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Sheffield demo for jobs, pensions and services

25-02-2006 15:10

There was a small march and rally in Sheffield on 25th February 2006 opposing cuts in public sector jobs and services and for cheaper bus fares and better pensions.

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Tree eviction to go ahead tomorrow!

25-02-2006 14:57

tree eviction imminent

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Nottingham's February Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

25-02-2006 13:33

Setting out from the usual meeting place [Outside the Savoy Cinema on Derby Road, meet at 5.30pm] Again, 'twas a dark, wet and oh so very cold. But a fair few turned up to take part ..... Did I say it was cold? It was cold ........

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25-02-2006 13:29

Baliffs attempted to evict the site today (saturday) and were only stopped by the police, who apparently had not been informed. People are needed desperately, as eviction could now go ahead tommorow. The perimeter of the site is now guarded by security, so please phone the site phone 07749 110689 if you intend to come (please do!!). Tesco Vs Trees - WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??

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No Tears for Injured Oppressors! Or – What does “No Justice, No Peace” really mean

25-02-2006 08:14

(a reflection on the mass emotional reaction to the shooting of a police officer in Nottingham, and how this kind of reaction, far from being humanistic, reinforces the psychological underpinnings of the status quo, suspends the performative effectiveness of opposition, and thus generates impunity for statist abuses)

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Video - Prestes Maia solidarity demo in London (16/2/06)

25-02-2006 07:21

[9min Xvid 27MB] Short video of an impromptu solidarity demo for the community of Prestes Maia. British squatters speak out for 468 families under threat of gentrification inspired eviction in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The demo took place at the Brazilian Embassy in London on 16th Feb 2006.

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STATE of EMERGENCY has been imposed in the PHILIPPINES!

25-02-2006 00:06

EDSA 1 People Power Revolution 20th Anniversary
Several dozen demonstrators were arrested, mostly social movement activists and civil society leaders including Ronald Llamas, president of AKBAYAN and Professor Randy David, a well-known academic and vocal critique of the Arroyo government.

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2nd Renaissance -10

24-02-2006 23:56

Weapon of mass destruction
In the Afghanistan turkey shoot the CoW forces used vast numbers of hard target weapons and other munitions containing depleted uranium (DU). This substance is almost twice as dense as lead. When it punches through concrete bunkers, armour, or mud huts, DU disintegrates into a chemically toxic and radioactive dust. In contrast to the earlier DU weapons used in Gulf War I, the newer ordinance produced deaths and deformities within weeks of the start of military action by the CoW. Between 1990-91 and 2001 the US arms manufacturers are thought to have "improved" the DU technology by introducing milled uranium ore to their warheads. This non-depleted uranium (NDU) is - wait for it - cheaper to produce and far more potent than DU. It poses massive health risks to civilian populations exposed to it, and constitutes, in every sense of the word, a weapon of mass destruction, or WMD. "Hey they're hunting them in Iraq, aren't they?"

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Scientists Promote Benefits of Black Magic Soil

24-02-2006 23:17

Some good news for a change. This story was reported on by BBC Horizon a few years ago. It is one of a number of ways to improve agriculture without going the way of toxic chemical science or GM.
It also shows us that the ancients new some things the moderns no nothing of, and the benefits of traditional knowledge and praxis.

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24-02-2006 23:08

On Wednesday March 1st peace protesters the Peace Tax Seven will be back in the Royal Courts of Justice in London, arguing for the right to conscientious objection to military taxation.

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London, An evening of discussion and interchange

24-02-2006 22:56

Logo Centre of Cultures
Today’s youth feel increasingly discriminated, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and suicide are all on the increase – yet today’s youth feel more idealistic than ever. They yearn for a world without violence, they see no reflection of their values in today’s society that places the value of money as the most important value.
In this situation instead of participating actively in organised social change they increasingly isolate themselves, saving their idealistic expressions to anti-war marches and anti-capitalist events.

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Meeting: Campaign to Close Heathrow Detention Centres

24-02-2006 20:07

Sunday 26th February - 2pm to 6pm
New Social Centre
The Square (north side)
21-22 Russell Square

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MOD letter reveals John Reid issued misleading figures on British casualties in

24-02-2006 19:49

A letter from the Ministry of Defence has revealed that previous statements on British casualties in Iraq have been seriously misleading.

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'FAIRFORD 5' and 'MARCHWOOD 14' in the High Courts. Updates From Law Lords.

24-02-2006 19:40

The Law Lords are now debating if there is a defence open to individuals who break the law in order to prevent a greater 'crime of aggression, and if UK courts have the authority to consider foreign affairs and defence issues. This landmark hearing is borne out of the appeals of 19 people, who took direct action to try and prevent the Iraq war.

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Getting rid of the last resort

24-02-2006 19:36

At the beginning of February, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) announced a desperate cash crisis and imminent closure - very, very bad news for those desperate asylum seekers who rely on the organisation for support and guidance.

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tesco protest update!

24-02-2006 19:08

Just come back from site...