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Police NOT to use Rubber Bullets or Baton Rounds

30-04-2001 16:31

Police are NOT to be using Baton Rounds at tomorrows May Day celebrations in central London, announces Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens.

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Convergence Centre

30-04-2001 16:30

Up to date info on the convergence centre for Mayday

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Palestinian rights

30-04-2001 16:29

Palestinian rights
Two hundred students and Palestinian rights campaigners picketed the Institute of Education 26/04/01 where Dan Naveh Israeli minister in Sharon's cabinet had been asked to speak.

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Global anti-corporate protests putting local anti-capitalists out of business

30-04-2001 14:20

Large-scale, Global Anti-capitalism Protests Putting Smaller, Local, Anti-capitalism Protests Out Of Business

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Don't believe the hype!

30-04-2001 12:02

With all this mass hysteria being generated about Mayday, I thought I'd send in a report I wrote of last year's Mayday in an attempt to calm people's fears. It is very different from the accounts by the mainstream media, and shows that it is indeed meant to be a carnaval. Have fun.

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Brazilian protesters arrested and tortured in A20. We need your help.

30-04-2001 11:33

Help the brazilian protesters that faced a very hard repression during the A20 in São Paulo, Brazil

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Genoa, Italy, ready for the G8! by Enzo Le Fevre

30-04-2001 10:40

will it be peace or war?

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Newcastle Squat - photos

30-04-2001 10:39

Newcastle Squat - photos
Here are photos of Eclectic City II, which is due to be evicted this week. It's in a Social Club which is going to be turned into a lap-dancing bar.

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Plastic Bullets for MayDay

30-04-2001 08:08

The BBC are reporting that police will be given plastic bullets on MayDay.

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30-04-2001 07:43


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30-04-2001 03:11

a creative piece consisting of a parable reflecting the issues of the globalisation protests through an imaginary country emerging from colonialism

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30-04-2001 03:06

My younger sister is an undergraduate at Penn State University, where an escalating series of hate letters to black leaders, athletes, and athletes' parents has culminated in the death of an unidentified person (the sender of the hate mail has taken credit for the murder). While the mail has been sent assiduously since last October, President Graham Spanier and the PSU administration have done next to nothing to protect the lives and well-being of their students.

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Peacenik and its perks is on!

30-04-2001 00:30

Unfortunately due to police intimidation, peacenik in the park was cancelled. Fortunately, there is an event to take its place.

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RTS MayDay statement

29-04-2001 21:05

The fact that Reclaim The Streets has not been involved in the logistical
planning for this year's MayDay has been seen by the corporate media
as a split in the movement. But there are many groups and affiliations,
each with their own analysis and focus, who all oppose the globalisation and the oppression of the capitalist system. MayDay belongs to each and every one of us. [...]

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They steel your future, kill your friends,rape the nature and piss on you.And th

29-04-2001 20:44

They steel your future, kill your friends,
rape the nature and piss on you.
And they force you to pay them, for doing that!

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70 robin cook alikes in anti sanctions action

29-04-2001 20:37

70 robin cook alikes in anti sanctions action
Pinnochio nosed robin cook alikes, went v well. only rained a bit

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Reclaim the Government

29-04-2001 20:01

Reclaim the Streets is great, increasingly successful and says a lot. A horizontal move might be to Reclaim the Government. After all, the government is ours in theory - and should be ours in practice. It has been bought by corporations, but it's our right to own it and control it. We should take it back.

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Petition to sort out the media

29-04-2001 20:00

What we need is a column in a major (broadsheet) newspaper to be given to somebody who is more informed about the youth's political issues such as the anti-capitalist demonstrations, hackers and youth culture. This column should be given a decent space alongside the more established columnists, and it should be written by a variety of young people (perhaps a different person for each day of the week, giving seven columnists in total).

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24 photos from Mayday 2000

29-04-2001 18:04

24 photos from Mayday 2000
Reclaim the Streets

Dear Friends,

I was at the MayDay rally last year…and had the opportunity to do an extensive photo-essay on the events, in colour as well as in black and white. I am sending some colour-photos and one black-and-white photo as a series of attachments by e-mail. I would greatly appreciate your comments.

Please could you let me know whether you of any attempt to organize an exhibition of photographs and other media material from the events of May Day 2000.

With greetings and best wishes.

In solidarity,

Santosh George

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another pic from anti sanctions Pinnochio Cook action

29-04-2001 16:06

another pic from anti sanctions Pinnochio Cook action
another nice pic, look at that smiling policeman