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Genoa, Italy, ready for the G8! by Enzo Le Fevre

Enzo Le Fevre | 30.04.2001 10:40 | Genoa | Analysis | World

will it be peace or war?

Getting ready for Genoa...

In less than three months people will have the opportunity to be in Genoa, north-west of Italy, to see how the next G8 will turn the role of globalisation against or for the entire humanity. Is that truth? Well, actually it seems a really far opportunity for the “People of Seattle” to go and see what’s going to happen there. Security and safety for the people of Genoa and for the people representing the seven most powerful countries plus Russia is the priority for the Italian’s Public & Security Forces. In order to maintain the city of Genoa safe and secure the Italian Authorities have been getting ready the city to allow just the “normal” people to enter or exit for there during the days of the next G8.
The “People of Seattle” will be banned to enter in the city or at least will be checked before entering in it. As far as we know at the moment no manifestation were or are going to be allowed from the Genoa’s authorities. That means that Genoa is not going to be the same scenario as it was in Nice, Naples and Quebec City in the last six months.
As it seems Italian’s Public & Security Forces are worried about the new events of terrorism attacks from the “Brigate Rosse”, a very old terrorist organisation that got very famous in Italy during the 70’s for the Moro’s assassinate and for more terrorist attacks to Public Institutions. Two years ago the D’Antona’s murder and now the last bombs that destroyed some Buildings of Public Institutions are giving chances to the Police Forces to think about Genoa as the next possible target of those new terrorist organisations.
About the Anti-globalisation movements it’s important to say that some of them recognised that violence is just a chance that Social Centres and Anarchist Groups are giving to Police Forces to act brutally against everyone it’s participating at the manifestations against globalisation. “The road of Mahatma Gandhi it’s the best one to fight economic globalisation, against those people that are destroying our cultures and costumes” those were the words of some exponents of the “Green Parties” and Pacifist Movements that are asking people to go to Genoa without weapons and anger and only ready to fight globalisations with “sit in” and words.
“The violence and brutality of some people of “The People of Seattle” it’s making us think that they are some of the new terrorist in this world”, some Public Institution’s people say.
So, are “The People of Seattle” ready for peace and love against economic globalisation and speculation thought the Third World Countries? Are they ready to teach democracy to those Policemen that do not use words even between themselves? Will the next G8 of Genoa be an occasion to show that peace it’s more useful than destroy banks and shops, or even some Policemen bones?
Getting ready for some real answers the next G8 it’s going to be set up for a new scenario of urban guerrilla between people that want peace with weapons and forces that are ready to find any occasion to make it possible!

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