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A catalogue of waste

05-11-2004 19:26

The City Council in Liverpool has been found to be wasting millions of pounds and failing to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

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05-11-2004 19:03

Picket pro-war Hove M.P. Ivor Caplin at his constituency surgery at Hove town hall at 11:30 am tomorrow.

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05-11-2004 18:37

Peace activist Ray Davies went to prison for 28 days today, for principled refusal to pay anti-nuclear peace fines.

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People of Cambridge! Fallujah is in trouble

05-11-2004 17:59

There are already contingency plans in many parts of the country for when an attack on Fallujah will take place:
It appears from the BBC website that this will be very soon. Maybe this week-end. If you are in Cambridge and would like to find out what people are doing to express their dissent then ring 690254 or email cambridge[AT]

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'AIDS is with us' - ACT now!

05-11-2004 17:44

Mannie, Henry and Mandisa
Last night was the Cambridge leg of the Stop Aids speaker tour where three inspirational speakers from Zambia, Uganda and South Africa talked about their experiences with HIV/AIDS. All of them had lost people to the disease.

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another gay man attacked-London 4/5 Nov

05-11-2004 17:40

A 25 y.o gayman was stabbed on aLondon nightbus 4/5Nov.

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NOV Incitement 2.. Film Showing

05-11-2004 16:21

Incitement 2.. is a monthly film nite in Leeds, in November we're showing...

'Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War'

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Dissent action against Wilton Park conference

05-11-2004 16:17

Dissent groups in the South East are currently heading for the Wilton Park Conference Centre near Steyning in West Sussex. The aim is to disrupt a conference being held there between top European economists. There have so far been two arrests.

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This Sunday @ Maelstrom - Leeds

05-11-2004 15:38

As an addition to the advertised events this Sunday at Maelstrom, anti-repression infosquat. We will be showing the film 'one Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest' 7.30pm. After dinner.

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SSP Benefit XMAS Meal

05-11-2004 15:29

SSP will be having a benefit Xmas meal on Friday Dec 17th 7pm at the 1in12 Club in Bradford.

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SSP benefit Second Hand Sale THIS Sat

05-11-2004 15:20

We are putting on a second hand sale as a benfit for SSP (Solidarity South Pacific)'s support for the eco-revolution on Bougainvile. Amongst other things this support will include a shipment of medical aid early next year.

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resistance anarchist bulletin issue 67

05-11-2004 13:38

Monthly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation (Britain)

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05-11-2004 13:23

A token stab at attracting the attention of any security personel, agents, bankers and those in the machine who may be reading who are working with/for any one of The European Financial Forum, Federation of European Securities Exchanges, Paris Europlace and Deutsches Aktieninstitut
Conference in Steyning, nr Brighton: INTERNATIONAL RULE MAKING FOR
GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS Friday 5 – Saturday 6 November 2004

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Australian Magistrates go lightly on drivers who kill

05-11-2004 12:52

Protest Bikes 1
Fifty motorcyclists gathered outside the State Magistratec Court at 4pm, 3 November 2004. The gathering was a protest against the ruling by Magistrate Ian Gray to allow a woman accused of killing a motorcyclist while driving drunk, to be allowed to drive a car to and from work. The woman had left the scene in a car splattered with blood and pieces of flesh. Her lawyer successfully argued in court she needed her licence for her job as a sales representative.

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'Putting Falluja to the torch'

05-11-2004 12:51

from the Guardian

Robin Cook on the dire future for Falluja

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Support Iranian student movment

05-11-2004 11:49

On November 12th the Iranian regime is holding its international propaganda day "Al-Quds Day" with antisemitic hate rallies all around the world shamefully instrumentalizing the israeli-Palestinian conflict for securing its own islamist rule. The Iranian student movement reacted to this propaganda with the slogan "Leave Palestine be - think about us". Antiracist and Iranian activists from Berlin issued this international call.

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Smashing the apparatus of the state.

05-11-2004 11:39

Photos of the inside of a Police surveillence camera. do you have ideas or experience of putting these out of action?

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Samba Plays in Support of Laing O'Rourke Workers Sit-In!

05-11-2004 11:35

Samba Band Rhythms of Resistance Plays in Support of Protesting Laing
O'Rourke Workers! Management forced to allow union reps on site.

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no2id petition

05-11-2004 11:28

click on the link-

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Vigil for S.Leone lesbian murder victim

05-11-2004 11:24

A vigil for murder Sierra Leone lesbian murder victim FannyAnn Eddy is to be held in London next Tuesday evening.