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Community Story: De Hope Clinic, Limpopo Province, South Africa

19-05-2005 09:48

A river, too few staff and a lack of ambulances hamper patient care

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Water for the Planet, not Profit

19-05-2005 09:33

As part of the International Protest Against (Multi National Water Privatisor) Suez Lyonnaise on the day of its AGM, of which Lord Simon of Highbury is a Director, The Bolivian Solidarity Campaign, War on Want and the World Development Movement put on a spectacle outside the Houses of Parliament before delivering a letter by hand to Lord Simon, asking him to do everything within his power to ensure that Suez does not sue the highly indebted Bolivian government, for 'lost future profits' after the country cancelled Aguas Del Illimani's contract.

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G8 Gleneagles Road Closures, Exclusion Zones and offer of rally for just 5000

19-05-2005 09:32

On Monday 6th May, Tayside police announced the initial security cordon plan (or as it's been labelled the 'traffic management plan') for the Gleneagles Summit in July. This will see local road closures to the west of Auchterarder, as well as the closure of rights of way through the southern part of the Gleneagles estate. Police will also be stationed at the junctions at Blackford, Loaninghead, Auchterarder and Aberuthven, an no doubt Braco and other junction locations.

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Demonstrate against the Uzbek massacres - Uzbek Embassy, London, 12 noon, Saturd

19-05-2005 08:33

*Support Uzbekistan's democratic opposition.

*Demand justice for the hundreds murdered by Karimov in Andizhan this week.

*Call for an end to Western support for this brutal regime.

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19-05-2005 02:42

Too many citizens have been cruelly touched by the flawed system of justice in our country - because 'justice' apparently no longer means truth and equality and basic human rights for all.

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FAX ALERT -support imprisoned Finnish conscientious objectors!

19-05-2005 00:58

Please take a few moments to support conscientious objectors sitting in prisons of Finland by taking part in this fax alert.

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Environmental and social justice talk

18-05-2005 22:17

The Green Party are hosting INDIRA JAISING, Senior Advocate at the Indian Supreme Court, on Saturday May 21st.

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Stop the YMCA slave labour scheme now!

18-05-2005 20:20

Liverpool YMCA is going to be the first voluntary sector agency to collude with the Home Office in the immigration slavery scheme introduced by section 10 of the 2004 legislation.

No One Is Illegal has sent the following letter. We would ask other individuals and organisations to do the same in their name. Also there is a consultation meeting with the YMCA and the Home Office about this on 24th May - 12.40 - 2.40 at Millenium House in Liverpool.

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Galloway Rocks The House -- or more appropriately, the Senate

18-05-2005 19:58

MP Galloway at Senate Subcommittee Inquisition
The Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations, that is, insisting on making an ass of itself in front of the whole planet by attempting to discredit dissident British MP George Galloway with documents in "evidence" long-proven to be faked.

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Immigration deports man traumatised by torture in Angola

18-05-2005 19:44

Immigration have no scruples in removing a man with visible scars from torture back into the hands of his torturers.

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Christian Aid Week

18-05-2005 18:38

In the UK, this week is Christian Aid Week ( The annual event, which started in 1957, is the oldest door-to-door collection campaign in the UK.

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RAMpolishART this week

18-05-2005 18:36

Tonight is WANC and rampART - womens only cafe with a school playground theme tonight.

All the rest of the week we have an exhibition of polish street art and at the weekend we have a party to celebrate one year of the rampART...

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Cavlan For Senate In Minnesota needs to contact MP Galloway

18-05-2005 18:30

The Cavlan for US Senate in Minnesota needs to contact MP Gallaway ASAP.

Minnesota is the home state of Senator Coleman, who attempted to slander Gallaway. This is no joke. Any help would be appreciated.

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US Senate Candidate in Minnesota Supports MP Gallaway

18-05-2005 18:19

Independent Media Journalist Michael Cavlan (myself) declared at a press confernce his intention to run for the US Senate in Minnesota. Outspoken peace and justice activist and media critic, Cavlan had called his press conference at the state capital in St Paul Minnesota on the same day that MP Gallaway was being smeared by fellow Minnesotoan, Senator Coleman.

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GASHcollective FREE party

18-05-2005 17:46

For a night of rockin and heavy drinking.....

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John Bolton and the Decline of the US

18-05-2005 17:40

Is the nomination of John Bolton calculated to mask the deteriorating status of the US as a hyperpower? And if so, should the anti-war movement be encouraged by this? A brief discussion.

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Medialens and Democrat's Diary on George Galloway

18-05-2005 17:27

A discussion on George Galloway's place and role in media coverage of Iraq.

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Corporate Watch news update 18/05/05

18-05-2005 17:24

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