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PRESTON SS FLAG IGNORED @JLRFB @slatedl @misscheeky666 @slatukip #ANTIFA #EDL

12-10-2015 10:00

The media and the Lancashire Police, have turned a blind eye to the horrific murderous SS flag displayed by the NWI in Preston. Whilst anything vaguely resembling an ISIS flag featuring dildos and buttplugs on a gay pride march causes civilisation meltdown, horrific openly nazi, openly anti-Semitic, openly pro-Holocaust symbolism, is knowing ignored and overlooked by the rightwing media machine working to a nationalistic agenda. Hitler's SS killed millions more than ISIS could ever hope for, and yet, representatives of the police and media stood just feet away from the SS flag, decided to look through the notorious genocidal flag, pretending it was not there.

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Another Hambach Forest comrade in freakin jail

11-10-2015 17:05

Another comrade fighting for the Hambach Forest in in Germany gets kidnapped and beaten by the cops...

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BNP INCITE PRESTON VIOLENCE @hopenothate @ElectoralCommUK @misscheeky666 #EDL

10-10-2015 23:21

Ten years ago, with a string of council election victories, the BNP were pretending they were a bona fide political party, and had left street fascist violence behind. However, all their seats gone, in 2015, they have returned to their boots and fists. Before today's neo-nazi march took place in Preston, a march that saw fireworks and marbles thrown at passers-by, BNP Nottingham's Official Twitter feed called for the NWI and the NF to "kick the reds", encouraging and inciting the disgusting acts of violence that occured.

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POLICE IGNORE NAZI VIOLENCE @hopenothate @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @slatukip #ANTIFA

10-10-2015 22:49

The NWI and their Hitlerite comrades gathered in Preston centre, armed with fireworks and other missiles, ready for confrontation. At one point, they were blatantly lobbing fireworks at shoppers and all passers-by, not just their antifascist opponents, however the most the police did was steer a few horses their way, arresting one man, whilst all the time filming the peaceful antifascist demonstrators. Serious questions need to be asked regards the police's tolerance of a violent, openly neo-nazi gathering in a public place.

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SS FLAG IN PRESTON @hopenothate @bullandroyal @misscheeky666 @slatedl ANTIFA EDL

10-10-2015 18:02

SHAME ON YOU: Traitorous drinking establishments in Preston who pretend to be patriotic, knowingly allowed hardcore neo-nazis to gather and drink there, including the 55 club which has a track record of allowing the BNP and other white supremacists to gather there. They openly waved Waffen SS flags, the unit responsible for rounding up Jews and murdering Jews, Poles and Roma people throughout Central Europe in the former Soviet Union. SHAME ON YOU!

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UG#720 - The Conspiracy Of Silence (VIPaedophile, Blackmail and The Deep State)

09-10-2015 15:18

This week, we tackle a new topic on the show, which some have dubbed "VIPaedophile". We hear the sound tracks of a pair of investigative documentaries on organized child sexual abuse. First, "Spies, Lords and Predators" which looks at what it terms "the biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced". Next, we hear an interview with respected investigative film maker, Tim Tate, about the making of The Conspiracy Of Silence, his 1980s ground breaking expose of organized child sex abuse in USA. He tells how, after the film had been, produced, and the rough cut was approved by legal advisors, and even scheduled for broadcast, it was suddenly pulled, and has never aired in USA to this day. One or more of the witnesses who testified in the film were later found dead. After his interview about the film, we hear an adaption of the film itself, which is now available on the internet.

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Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester city centre

09-10-2015 14:53

North of England's largest vegan festival next week

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OCD: A monster in my mind

08-10-2015 14:05

Seriously ill people are just being abandoned to suffer and die. Like all broadcast programs, this edition of Horizon gave people a false impression that this isn’t so.

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WHITE FLOUR GENOCIDE @exposingbf @misslbuttercup @binbagged @IRBFUK #edl #ANTIFA

08-10-2015 09:50

The end of Aryan civilisation happened last night when Nadiya Hussain from Leeds won the Great British Bake-Off. White nationalist keyboard bakers everywhere went ape shit over a Muslim woman managing to win a televised baking contest. From the EDL to Britain First, NF and National Action, foamed at Nadiya destroying western culinary civilisation with an act of Halal white flour genocide.

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Express "SHOOT IMMIGRANTS" @slatukip @slatedl @misscheeky666 @tellmamauk ANTIFA

06-10-2015 23:59

As the far right froth and foam their support for Theresa May's disgusting factually incorrect vitriol, the Daily Express have finally stopped censoring its horrific neo-nazi readers, one of whom tonight has called for immigrants to be shot if they refuse to leave the UK - Very National Socialist, Holocaust death camps fashion... Shame on owner and UKIP donor Richard Desmond, who should not tolerate calls for outsiders to be shot, especially as he is from a Jewish background. Stirring up the British far right with his hate rag, has reinvigorated anti-Semities like National Action and the National Front.

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Witness Venezuela’s Elections This December-6, 2015‏‎‏‎

06-10-2015 22:34

This December, witness one of the most important elections in the history of Venezuela, and of the hemisphere. On December 6, the people of Venezuela will exercise their right to vote in elections for deputies to the country’s National Assembly. Voters will decide whether to carry forward the Bolivarian Revolution by retaining a Chavista majority in the National Assembly or return the political intitative to the traditional elites represented by most of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).

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ALERTA #ANTIFA #PEGIDA SITTING DUCKS @misscheeky666 @slatukip @slatedl @ant1fane

06-10-2015 17:59

Oddball Anglo-Saxon nazis Pegida are all set to go out with a bang, sorry, whimper, but one helluva whimper, by exposing their nazi brethren to the wrath of street cleansers par excellence Antifa. At 6pm on Monday the 19th of October, Pegida's Anglo-German National Socialist "Low Command" (as scribbled down on the back of a fag packet and shared on social media), have decided to spread its members thin on the ground, exposing them to the wrath of Antifa by organising lots of microdemos to commence on the same day at the same time without police liaison - SITTING DUCKS!

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Informational Brainwashing in Russia and in the West

06-10-2015 06:40

Those who try to make us form an opinion of our eastern neighbor repeat in all sharps and flats that absolute majority of Russians have only one source of information, which is public broadcasting, the key megaphone of Kremlin propaganda. ( They claim Russian citizens have no other ways to know what is happening around. But is it really so?

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Migrants fighting back.

05-10-2015 17:11

Workers at the new Autonoom Centrum in Calais were instrumental in the mass attack on the channel tunnel on Saturday morning.

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Take Manchester March 4th October

05-10-2015 12:12

The march organised by the TUC and People's Assembly on the first day of the Tory Party conference in Manchester was vibrant, noisy and cheerful. But when I read the national newspaper reports on it later, they might have been covering a different demo altogether.

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Death as a charge for beneficence

05-10-2015 07:17

Recently Internet split down the middle on the issue of a great influx of refugees to Europe. Some users that are sticklers of speculative universal human values as a rule (I am the one, my fault) call on Europeans sticking to humanity principles and treating their protection and asylum seekers as human beings in a big trouble. Indeed there are many memes about refugee families living in malignant conditions and drown children. It is hard to stay unsympathetic.

Nevertheless there are others defending opposite notion equally reasonably. Mainly those are Europeans themselves tired of being guests at their own home. They’ve been blowing the whistle on failed immigrant European policy that results in the refugee crisis.

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Hares secretly filmed at Irish coursing venue

04-10-2015 22:48

The campaign to ban hare coursing in Ireland continues...
Dozens of hares have been secretly filmed in captivity at the Edenderry coursing venue in County Offaly, Ireland... this in defiance of the ban on "unauthorized photography" that coursing clubs enforce with threats and beatings.

Just have a look at the footage...amazing to see so many of these ordinarily solitary creatures bunched together like this.

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EDL TORY EXPOSED @slatfascists @misslbuttercup @norsefired @ant1fane #ANTIFA

04-10-2015 15:22

Steve Mann AKA Seth Mould, an EDL-supporting Conservative Party activist from Blackburn, based in Bolton, is the marketing director at Accrington's Bakehouse Studios, and used twitter to support acts of arson against mosques, and racially abuse Muslims online. With 34,000 followers including many professional followers within the UK music industry, sickeningly expressed absolute joy and pleasure at the recent devastating criminal attack on the London Ahmadiyya mosque.

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UG#719 - The Processes & Logic of The Deep State(The American Deep State by PDS)

04-10-2015 11:48

Unusually, just a single speaker this week: one two hour interview with the doyen of deep political research, Canadian Professor Peter Dale Scott. He provides not only a lot of details of the evolution of the post WW2 deep state in the USA, but also sketches out its guiding principles, some of the deeper patterns which allow one to understand the superficially confusing and contradictory actions of the US deep state.

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Fascist Studio Boss #ANTIFA @edlnews @slatedl @slatukip @misscheeky666 #edl

04-10-2015 11:04

Supported Mosque Arson (as Bakehouse Studio)
Steve Mann AKA Seth Mould, an EDL-supporting Conservative Party activist from Blackburn, based in Bolton, is the marketing director at Accrington's Bakehouse Studios, and used twitter to support acts of arson against mosques, and racially abuse Muslims online. With 34,000 followers including many professional followers within the UK music industry, sickeningly expressed absolute joy and pleasure at the recent devastating criminal attack on the London Ahmadiyya mosque.