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WHITE FLOUR GENOCIDE @exposingbf @misslbuttercup @binbagged @IRBFUK #edl #ANTIFA

Commie Chef | 08.10.2015 09:50 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration | London | World

The end of Aryan civilisation happened last night when Nadiya Hussain from Leeds won the Great British Bake-Off. White nationalist keyboard bakers everywhere went ape shit over a Muslim woman managing to win a televised baking contest. From the EDL to Britain First, NF and National Action, foamed at Nadiya destroying western culinary civilisation with an act of Halal white flour genocide.

Stormfront reacted immediately declaring the Forth Reich would begin with the extermination of wholemeal flour. Meanwhile EDL footsoldiers fell off their toilet seats mid-snort, when the result came through. Stella cans in one hand, rolling pins in the other, in a huff, they set about making non-Muslamic rock cakes using pigs gizzards and rice crispies, giving themselves food poisoning.

Paul Golding chained Jayda to the stove until she cooked him a "proper patriotic cake", Britain First supporters dipping hands into pockets to raise money for this emergency act of white pride.

Meanwhile, the nuttiest of Bluehand fruitcakes who once called themselves "the cakesquad", did nothing as always.

Nadiya's prize winning cake design contained red, white and blue markings, which was enough for poor old Nigel Farage to choke on his caviar. How could a Bangladeshi baker dare to bake cakes with the same colours as his beloved Union Jack??????


Commie Chef