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Daniel McColgan memorial unveiled

12-01-2003 21:32

Memorial to murdered catholic Postman Daniel McColgan was unveiled today. Daniel McColgan who was alledgedly murdered by UFF 'C' company's LVF cohorts a year ago as he arrived for a days work at Rathcoole, north belfast.

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The promotion of an nonexistent threat

12-01-2003 21:17

and the helplessness of handling an completely frenzied stalinist dictator

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Luxemburg and Liebknecht honored in Berlin

12-01-2003 20:31

Luxemburg and Liebknecht honored in Berlin
AP and AFP. 12 January 2003. Thousands throng east Berlin streets to honor founders of German Communist Party. (article 1)

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The True Tale Of Diaz School Raid - Genoa G8

12-01-2003 18:43

Translation of the article from Il Manifesto of January 7th 2002, on the developments of Diaz school raid responsabilities investigation.

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Assessing the Humanitarian Tragedy in Iraq

12-01-2003 18:14

No modern humanitarian emergency has been as intensely examined as the humanitarian crisis in Iraq in this decade. Since 1990, more than thirty major studies have been conducted on the impact of the war and the continuing economic sanctions

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Let the brutality of the Israeli Occupation be known!

12-01-2003 17:59

Please post on your website. Updated regularly.

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Sparrows, mobiles, cancer, TBs and u

12-01-2003 17:51

Hitting the sparrow and human population, and how to fight back

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Subvert and Resist -AF public meet

12-01-2003 17:11

Subvert and Resist -AF public meet

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TIME poll: biggest threat to world peace in 2003?

12-01-2003 16:37

TIME Magazine is running an online poll on the biggest threat to world peace

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Brutal or humane way for Asylum Seekers in Britain?

12-01-2003 16:15

Why do Britain and other EU-countries not take the "humane way", which manages the some results and is less expensive ?

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Video of Asylum Demo

12-01-2003 14:13

Demo on the 8th Jan.
4 min 20 sec
Windows Media MPEG4 format (should download or stream)

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12-01-2003 13:24

Nobody will ever find out the real criminals behind the scenes.

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12-01-2003 12:23

This article is the single most important work presented by vox information sciences. It contains the single most important key to uncovering WHAT REALLY HAPPENED on 9/11. It describes in chilling details the FACTS about the players and events of 9/11.

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World for Palestine screensaver for Windows (by Latuff)

12-01-2003 08:06

If you support Palestinian struggle for independence, that's your screensaver!

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The CIA and Drugs

12-01-2003 03:22

A short history of the CIA's involvement with drugs and the reasons for it.

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Conspiracy Theories and 9-11

12-01-2003 03:16

Discrepancies in the official story of 9-11 and the numerous advantages for the Bush agenda of a tremendous, fear-inspiring event like that which occurred on 9-11.

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MICROPLATFORM antifascista

12-01-2003 03:00

MICROPLATFORM antifascista
This is a open project between Micro-Solco (Italia) and The Platform (Argentina), to give an noisly antifascist answer to repression against social movements. In the last times, the newlyberalist goverments have intensify the attack against those who fight for justice and solidarity. Microplatform participate from the cultural musical front to support the 3 italian antifascists who was arrested the 12th september 2001, as a part of an strategy to attack the movement.

"sostieni gli antifascisti, liberare tutti!"

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Succor Punch

12-01-2003 02:34

There's a second line to group action which can be carried out on the individual level - however odd it appears, I can verify this stuff works

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Answer "why?" to war

12-01-2003 02:02

This is a call from Italy. It's what the upcoming Irak war suggest to me, during this difficult time.

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Adair returned to Jail, yee ha

11-01-2003 22:40

About time too, Johnny's recent reign of terror may be curtailed. Johnny was returned to Maghaberry for his own safety and because he had been responsible for singlehandedly trying to kill off both his working class loyalists friends and also republicans too. Johnny's parting shot to his despised loyalist enemies, johnny got his henchmen to phone in bomb hoaxes to both Whitefield and Currie Primary schools, located in the heartland of his hated enemies in their north belfast UDA strongholds.