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Sparrows, mobiles, cancer, TBs and u

dh | 12.01.2003 17:51

Hitting the sparrow and human population, and how to fight back

Mobile phones blamed for sparrow deaths

30,000 birdwatchers to join study into the effect of electromagnetic waves on Britain's garden favourite

Mark Townsend
Sunday January 12, 2003
The Observer

The remarkable decline of the sparrow remains one of British wildlife's most enduring mysteries.
Now scientists seeking to unravel the cause of their disappearance have identified a new culprit: the mobile phone.
Britain's first 'sparrow tsar' is to investigate whether the explosion of electromagnetic waves from portable handsets is wiping out the species. Rosie Cleary, appointed by the British Trust for Ornithology to investigate the problem, said: 'The disappearance of the species from large cities correlates with the introduction of phone masts.
'Studies have warned about the effects of these radiations on reproduction. Are these interfering with urban sparrow populations?'
Cleary is leading a major study involving up to 30,000 birdwatchers, which will examine urban sparrow populations near mobile phone masts, where electromagnetic fields are most concentrated. London has witnessed the sharpest decline in the sparrow population - a 75 per cent fall since 1994, which coincides with the emergence of the mobile phone.
There are an estimated 40 million mobile users in Britain, with hundreds of masts scattered across England's capital.
The British sparrow population has almost halved in the last 30 years, from 24 million to less than 14 million.
Henshaw added that electromagnetic waves could affect a sparrow's ability to navigate. 'Animals navigate by the Earth's magnetic fields and waves could disturb a bird's ability to find their way around. Though whether that leads to a decline in numbers is a matter of speculation.'
FULL STORY AT THIS LINK:,6903,873195,00.html
And for human beings? ---- Jan.4, 2003. 01:00 AM Charting the hidden force at street cornersThere's a steadily growing conviction among some researchers thatelectromagnetic fields can promote bad things — cancer,miscarriages, depression, Lou Gehrig's disease and, possibly,Alzheimer's disease. But there's all-too-scanty knowledge ofhow much exposure people get in the course of a day.To help bridge this knowledge gap, Magda Havas, who teaches in theFaculty of Environmental and Resource Studies at TrentUniversity in Peterborough, has taken readings on the mainstreets of 60 Ontario communities ranging in size from Toronto(2.3 million people) to Burk's Falls (1,000).She found that 49 of the communities (82 per cent) had readingsabove the level that is associated with childhood leukemia. Theworst of all the communities, by far, was Kingston, followed byOshawa, London, Peterborough, and Toronto. Burk's Falls had the lowest readings, followed by Cambridge,Newmarket, Madoc, Perth and Bradford.Pinpointing sources is important, because it is the accumulated exposure,collected at different places from different sources during thecourse of a day, that determines health impacts.Havas is quick to point out there is no proof, as yet, thatelectromagnetic fields directly cause illnesses. But there isplenty of evidence showing they are associated with illnessesand can promote them.Her work on Main Street, Ontario, should be a wake-up call topublic utilities and other businesses generatingelectromagnetic fields, such as banks and cellphone companies,which one day could face lawsuits from people claimingcompensation for impaired health.No doubt aware of potential liability, the California PublicUtilities Commission ordered a study eight years ago on theeffects of electromagnetic fields. Slated to cost $11.2million, it is the most extensive study ever done and is aboutto be released. According to the London Sunday Times, the studywill suggest hundreds of thousands of people may be atrisk.I. Her study is published in TheScience Of The Total Environment 298 (2002) at pages 183-206.An excellent review of studies on electromagnetic fields can befound at The study is good news in terms of raising awareness — and that'scrucial to any health issue.
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The good citizens of County Tyrone in the Six Counties have their own unique way of dealing with the problem see this link -
However this is not only how deep it goes.
Cell towers are instruments of social and individual control, to be used in the ensuing state sponsored mayhem and chaos to be generated in the wake of the attack on Iraq (
You can as an individual do something about this as hundreds of people in the US in particular are
See link:
The Tower Buster is a simple to build device and easy to place Buster/
The main thrust of the mind control attacks on the UK populace are like to be coordinated from the vortex-situated NSA base at Menwith Hill. I estimate that Menwith requires from 8 to 16 full size orgone generators (Hhgs) around its perimeter, and lots of TBs preferably tossed over the fences, to start the disablement process.



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