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Brutal or humane way for Asylum Seekers in Britain?

Werner | 12.01.2003 16:15

Why do Britain and other EU-countries not take the "humane way", which manages the some results and is less expensive ?

Since 8th January new hard laws (worried people mean brutal laws) against Asylum Seekers have been in force in Britain.

To be honest, up to this date Britain had in comparison to other EU-countries a human treatment for Asylum Seekers.
However, now Britain is going the some wrong way as other EU-countries.
It is the way ..... hard -- harder -- hardest -- brutality. And this way leads to barbarism.

This development is very sad and frightening because there also is another better way -- a humane way which manages the some results, which helps the people, and moreover is less expensive.

It is hope - but all decent people in Britain and elsewhere in EU-countries should say to their government
"Do not use this brutal way further - take the humane way which manages the some results and moreover, is less expensive".



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