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De Cymru EF!

26-04-2004 12:30

New EF!

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NUT misspends members' money

26-04-2004 12:23

Since 1996 I have supported hundreds of (now probably more than a thousand) NUT members who all say that their union has refused to provide them with support and access to legal services - and, worryingly, that their paid union official has appeared to act in the interests of their employer and to the detriment of their member.

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The Fairford Five: The Iraq War on Trial

26-04-2004 12:09

the procession to the court
At around 8.30 this morning around 100 supporters of the Fairford Five gathered in the centre of Bristol. They were here for the start of the trail that is expected to focus world attention on the legality of the war.

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Nonviolent women's march in Biddu brutally dispersed

26-04-2004 11:11

Sent to me from Gush Shalom.

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Iraq Procurement - Day 1

26-04-2004 10:53

Delegates to Iraq Procurement 2004, the Big Business carve up of Iraq taking place for the next 3 days at THE NEW CONNAUGHT ROOMS, GREAT QUEEN STREET, OFF KINGWAY, WC2 were greeted by a small number of protetors today. 2 women were arrested , allegedly for "aggravated tresspass" after they briefly entered the building.

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Change of venue for Tuesday's Iraq protest

26-04-2004 10:49

The protest outside the Gala dinner of the Iraq Procurement Conference has changed venue - it is now at the conference venue, the New Connaught Rooms, Great Queen St, 6-9pm, Tuesday 27 April.

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Report of secret US nuclear weapons in Europe to the United Nations in New York

26-04-2004 10:48

picture of citizens inspection at military base at Lakenheath
Citizens Weapons Inspections in the absence of the United Nations
For Mother Earth presents a report about secrecy surrounding US nuclear
weapons in Europe to the UN in New York

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OCSET's latest proposal to the landlord

26-04-2004 10:38

The landlord recently sent a letter to OCSET, the new social centre in Oxford, to go to Court this Thursday for a possible eviction. Instead, OCSET has been trying to reach agreement with the landlord. Here's OCSET's proposal. Already more than a hundred people from the local community signed the proposal in support of OCSET, and the local green counsillors are also very supportive (who could be against it?). However the landlord hasn't replied to our proposal yet.

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Why wait for the auto-industry...

26-04-2004 10:29

to make new clean-running cars? Buy a cheap diesel and run it on chip-fat!

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No more music at Cafe Afrika?

26-04-2004 10:18

Dear Café Afrika People,

You may have heard on the grapevine that Cambridge City Council
has refused the renewal of our public entertainments license.
This means we are not permitted to host live music events.

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China Labour Bulletin No. 3

26-04-2004 10:11

Issue No. 3 (24 April 2004)


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Bristolian Mayday Gathering

26-04-2004 09:34

Bristol Mayday activities!

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Pat Tillman: Hero or Wasted Life?

26-04-2004 01:17

An argument against the US corporate media's depiction of American soldiers as "heroes" when they are engaged in an immoral and illegal war for fallacious reasons, especially when the war leaves a radioactive legacy of cancers and deformed children like the present wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Report from protest against BNP fascists in South Essex on Sat 24th April.

26-04-2004 00:49

Villagers successfully prevented the BNP from assembling in Wickford Essex, but the fascists still held their 'fun day'. A report, commentary and some lessons from the day.

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Worldwide Activities Mark April 25th, Call for End to Half-decade of Persecution

25-04-2004 23:39

Over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners staged a peaceful appeal in Beijing
Practitioners of Falun Gong will mark April 25 this Sunday with activities around the world, renewing the call for Beijing to end a five-year campaign of suppression that legal experts have come to term genocide.

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Unite to stop the BNP in 2004

25-04-2004 22:43

Public rally - 'Unite to stop the BNP in 2004' public meeting on Wednesday April 28th in the Victoria Hall, near the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield at 7pm.

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An Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil, London, June 15th-21st 2004

25-04-2004 21:51

To celebrate the beginning of the end of BP’s sponsorship of the National Portrait Award, we (London Rising Tide) invite you to help put together An Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil, from June 15th-21st 2004.

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Bristol billboard meeting video

25-04-2004 20:44

Short video of 40 minute meeting

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Bristol billboard meeting audio

25-04-2004 20:28

Not for general interest.